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Our Core Values

We believe in our staff above all, with every decision focused on what we believe is right for our teams. We have a culture that rewards excellence and emphasizes trust, care, respect and support.
Our five core values define this culture.

Our core values are a frame of reference that we adopt in every part of our business. They are a support mechanism in times of uncertainty or doubt as we know we can and should act in accordance with them. The culture they help create is a kind and generous one, where colleagues are unique, individual adults, each trusted to make their own crucial contribution to the success of the business.

There are five core values at AVC Immedia and each value has associated behaviours and actions.


We are all individuals at AVC Immedia with unique talents and needs.

Colleagues are valuable and unique human beings. We trust our colleagues and treat everyone with respect and appreciation. We encourage and support colleagues. We never forget the importance of family.


We listen to our people and customers and respond to their needs.

We deliver our best, each and every time. We go the extra mile to surprise and delight our customers and support and develop our teams. We focus on honest communication, quality, pace, proactivity and responsiveness.


We stand up and are accountable for our actions.

We are a team. We work together and learn from mistakes together, and fix the problem, not the blame. We react with action not emotion; openness, humility, honesty and accountability are our watchwords.


We are passionate about everything we do. We have a positive view of the world and do our bit to change it for the better.

Drive, enthusiasm, commitment, belief, optimism, problem solving, making things better, motivating each other. We are a glass half full business. We celebrate our success.


We are a presence within our target markets so customers can find us easily.

We are visible and audible in our target sectors. We are outward looking, bringing ideas to market quickly, winning new business, cultivating new relationships with partners and acquisition targets. We plan and invest in the future to grow our business.

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