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In my post last week I set out the five core values of AVC Immedia. Today I’d like to focus on the first of these – humanity.

It’s a cliché that people are the most important part of any business, but I’m sure we’ve all encountered businesses where actions don’t match words.

In the 1990s I suffered badly from depression, at a time when mental illness was taboo.  I didn’t feel able to mention what I was going through, much less ask for support.  My work deteriorated; I wasn’t coping.  It would have been a huge help had I been able to be open about the issues I was facing.  I never want any of my team to feel like that.

I think it’s essential for us all to value the humanity of everyone.  At work that means we view our colleagues as unique individuals; we make a choice to trust, to be tolerant, to be kind, to support our teammates when life is hard. (Of course it’s important to have the right team in place, as we have.  Anyone that isn’t ready to work like this can be hugely disruptive to this culture).

How good would it be to create an environment where colleagues can be confident of a positive response, no matter the challenges they face?

In our business I’ve set the objective of living this value every day.  This means we understand the challenges that all of us can face which may result in us not performing at our best, and we support each other through those tough times. My instinct and experience tell me a company run on the humanity principle will foster a more connected and higher performing team.

Let me know if you think I’m right!


Written by Ross Penney, Chief Executive Officer at AVC Immedia