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21 July 2021

I’ve already mentioned my sixteen year old son, Sam.

As a parent my objective is to raise Sam with the right values – honesty, kindness, generosity, empathy, hard work.


I am hugely frustrated with the leadership of our country.  Instead of the values that I and so many other parents try to instil in our children we see laziness, opportunism, self-interest, and a casual relationship with the truth.

What happened to honour, and to setting an example to younger generations?

Integrity is one of our core values. Integrity means we are honest, open and accountable, and when we make mistakes (as we all do!) we own them and fix them as soon as we can.  And we fix the problem, not the blame.

I’ve yet to meet a client who hasn’t appreciated our honesty and integrity. Far from making people think less of us, when we front up with the truth it’s appreciated and we can move on productively.

In everything we do I want us to stand up for our actions, not to seek excuses or hide behind the facts or other people.

I see AVC Immedia’s core values as a small beacon of integrity in the world.

We’re doing our bit to do the right thing.


Written by Ross Penney, Chief Executive Officer at AVC Immedia

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