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4 August 2021

Is visibility a value?  Perhaps it has a different quality to others such as passion and integrity.

But I’d argue that it’s just as important, and in this blog I’d like to explain why.


We’re proud of our high quality client base; one thing we often hear however is that we are a well kept secret in the world of brand funded content.

I want that to change.  We must be a visible presence in our target markets of retail, energy, sports, tourism and education so that both new and existing clients can find us easily.  Our aim is to look outwards, win new business and bring new ideas to market quickly.

That’s why we’ve revitalised our website and social media presence, led by our fantastic Marketing Executive, Sophie Gellender.

All it takes to be outgoing is confidence in our own abilities.  We have that for sure!  It’s something I’m learning myself – apart from family, my love in life is music, and playing guitar above all.  I love jazz and have been learning how to play it (in case you didn’t know, it’s hard!)  I lacked confidence but realised to progress I have to put myself out there.  And of course, I’m really benefiting from doing that.

You can check out my efforts on Instagram (I’m @penney1168.)

Hope to see you there, and look out for lots more news, activity and innovation from AVC Immedia!


Written by Ross Penney, CEO for AVC Immedia.

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