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Radio Vision is the ultimate omnichannel in-store communication tool. It combines your in-store audio with powerful visuals on digital signage to create a message that doubles the impact. While your audience enjoys listening to your branded promotions and audio, they’ll be captivated by video and graphics that enhance your message. Deepen their understanding of and connection to your brand by hitting more senses and offering a more immersive in-store experience. 

Sound and vision are both dynamic ways to engage an audience, and Radio Vision enables your brand to combine these forces for maximum impact. Whatever content you have on your in-store audio, Immedia can create visuals to match. 

What can Radio Vision be used for?

The possibilities for brands using Radio Vision are endless. Show as well as tell your audience about a new product or service or an enticing special offer to increase upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Create ambient visuals to match on-brand sounds for a truly unique in-store atmosphere that makes customers want to linger longer. 

How can it be tailored to my brand?

Run promotions in different languages or simply to focus on the things that matter in the moment, like the weather. As with our music, audio-branding and radio services, Radio Vision content is tailored to specific times of the day or year, to match the mood of your audience and maximise the engagement.

Why choose Radio Vision from AVC Immedia?

While some brands utilise both in-store audio techniques, such as background music and in-store radio stations, as well as visual techniques, such as digital signage, few successfully link the two. Immedia’s Radio Vision service fuses the digital with the in-person experience, maximising the benefits and potential return on investment of each medium.

Every brand needs a curated bricks-and-mortar environment that builds on its online presence and creates the right atmosphere to engage customers and promote sales. Immedia’s Radio Vision service helps to create this environment using outstanding audio-visual content. Linked audio and visual content transforms your store or branch into an engagement hub, ready to connect with your customers. We can supply and install equipment and plan the placement of your Radio Vision displays for maximum impact and reach, whether that’s in entranceways, at point-of-sale or to distract from queue times.

Research from Nielson found that over two-thirds of customers said digital signage ‘would influence their decision to buy the advertised product’ and 44 per cent agreed that it would influence them to buy the advertised product rather than the one they had planned to buy. Compared to using traditional printage signage, four out of five brands experienced sales increases of up to 33 per cent with digital signage in-store. Radio Vision combines the impact of digital signage with brand-specific audio to create a marketing mix for the 21st century.

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