Every brand has a sound.  What does your brand sound like? Allow us to help you!

We’ll work with you to create a cohesive brand experience with music. Like your logo, your colour scheme and your store design, your music should be unique to you and reflect who you are.

Playing music has a functional purpose. It creates an atmosphere and covers up background noise, but it should be doing much more besides.

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Your music should project who you are and create a connection between you and your customers. Carefully selected music creates an image of who you are and what you stand for. Your customer’s experience of your music should be consistent regardless of where or when they visit.

That doesn’t happen by putting on a generic playlist or by picking a few songs by artists that you “quite like”. Our experienced music team works with brands around the world to understand who they are and how we can paint that picture using music.

“We have had such positive feedback on the music currently playing from both staff and clients.” Headmasters

Music creates emotion, and we know how to take advantage of that power wherever our music is heard. From a welcoming and familiar warmth in a high street store, to adrenaline fuelled excitement in a gym, we use the power of music to move your customers.

Our music services are delivered live through state-of-the-art cloud-based software. We don’t do bland, repetitive music. What we do is transform how your brand sounds and put you head and shoulders above the competition.

We live in a world where good isn’t good enough. It’s time to give your music the attention that it deserves and move your music experience to a new level.

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Where to start?

We won’t let this happen. Our music channels contain hundreds of songs handpicked from tens of thousands of tracks in our ever increasing library, and are updated every week. We also use very clever software to help us programme your channel, ensuring you don’t hear the same song or artist constantly! The software is a help and can’t do everything, we always have a real person in charge of your brand’s music.

Not at all.  We have a great relationship with the licensing organisations and can help take that worry away for you.

Whether you’re looking for us to tweak some existing audio or manage a campaign for you, from concept and copywriting to voicing and scheduling, we have an experienced team ready to deliver all your production needs.

No one knows your brand better than you do – which is why we work closely with you, from day one, to make sure we understand and familiarise ourselves with your brand.  Once we’re happy we’ve done this we select and build a body of music that fits your brand perfectly.

Not at all.  The music we play will be determined by what suits your brand – be that classical, rock, alternative, pop, grime, just released or timeless classics… the list is endless.

You could, but there can be problems.  Your local radio station isn’t tailored for your brand and could easily be advertising your competitors or running a negative news story about your sector.  

 Whilst Spotify might not have those risks, are you sure the songs are edited versions without swearing? Are they right for your brand or are they perhaps your favourite tracks?  Do you have the right version of Spotify to be licensed to play it for your business? (The Spotify you listen to at home is not licensed for public use).

Are you compromising your brand identity by allowing different branches in your estate to play completely different music playlists?