Nationwide is one of the largest financial institutions in the UK, with over 600 branches across the UK. Nationwide recognised the importance of member engagement and wanted to offer a unique experience that would connect their community of branch staff and members.  The challenge was to create a radio service that would appeal to a diverse group of listeners, providing them with relevant and engaging content that would encourage members to spend more time in the branch, whilst equally connecting with thousands of branch staff day-to-day.


To enhance its employee and member engagement, and ultimately the in-branch experience, Nationwide teamed up with us to launch Nationwide Live! – an innovative, presenter-led live radio channel that offers a range of targeted music, community and product information, amplifying Nationwide’s place in people’s lives through meaningful and memorable content.

We created and launched Nationwide Live! as an in-branch service that offers a unique experience to Nationwide staff and members. We brought decades of experience of in-store radio and audio solutions to bear, developing a team of live presenters – experts in music and entertainers to boot. The presenters offer a range of targeted music and brand-appropriate information that is designed to engage and entertain members and staff alike.

 Alongside music, Nationwide Live! features interactive content showcasing work that Nationwide and its staff are doing in the community, as well as stories from across the UK.  From interviews to community sport activities and lots of shout outs to the amazing branch teams – Nationwide Live! is the place for Nationwide’s people to connect.



The result is a high quality, joyful radio experience, broadcasting to the Nationwide branch estate, bringing staff together, and helping members feel like part of the family.

Nationwide Live! has been a huge success, from starting in one branch in 2016 to now over 600 branches across the country, with members responding positively to the service in branch and at home.  Staff engagement with the service has grown year on year and the service has demonstrably enhanced the in-branch experience.  Nationwide Live has built stronger connections between Nationwide and its members and  has shone a light on Nationwide’s mission and values.

"I don’t even think of AVC Immedia as being another company – it’s like you’re a part of Nationwide! I am so grateful for all the work you all do for us at Nationwide and how you always come up with the most fabulous ideas for our loved radio station!"
Nationwide Building Society