IKEA needed to bring their “Wonderful Everyday” brand proposition to life through their in-store audio across the full UK IKEA estate.


We developed a 360° in-store audio solution with music and content that delivered that Wonderful Everyday feeling; our partnership is now in its 18th year.

Profiling music that creates a sense of wonder is no mean feat.  We created a music catalogue based on the familiarity of the songs, either sparking a feeling of “oh, I love this record” or “this is that song by…” To maintain the wonder, this catalogue had to be large and deep to avoid turning wonder into predictability. Most importantly the quality wasn’t allowed to drop.

The key component of that Wonderful Everyday feeling was using the slightly quirky Swedish voices that are a hallmark of IKEA promotions. The scripts focussed on the unique features of the products and always came back to how those features would bring wonder into everyday life.

These messages gave personality to the Wonderful Everyday strategy and moved it from a slogan into a living and breathing proposition. Additionally, we amplified IKEA’s wider marketing activity on TV, radio and social media, creating a joined-up feeling at all their customers’ touchpoints.

Even when the stores were closed, the Wonderful Everyday lived on with special programming for co-workers through the night.

"AVC Immedia are officially amazing"


The Wonderful Everyday approach has been a transformational success. It moved the sound of IKEA stores into a space that could only be IKEA. Customer and co-worker feedback was hugely positive. We’re now working with IKEA to develop their sound once again, moving onto the high-street to create zoned music where the music and sound reflect the products on display in different store areas.

Our now 18 year partnership speaks for itself.