Catching Up With AVC Immedia’s Latest Employee

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26 April 2021

Catching Up With The Latest AVC Immedia Employee

We recently caught up with our video editor, Glen Ainslie, who told us that after working for AVC Immedia for a few months now, he’s really settling in well. Glen went on to further explain “everyone here is really welcoming and approachable. They’ve very quickly made me feel part of the team. I’ve been given opportunities which I wouldn’t have had previously, such as my two trips offshore, and opportunities like these have allowed me to continue to grow and develop within my position at AVC Immedia”

Glen originally graduated from University with a degree in Drama, before he returned to college to study Creative Industries: TV at North East Scotland College. During his time in college, he worked alongside some incredibly talented individuals and now Glen looks back on this to use for inspiration that makes him constantly challenge himself and undertake different roles within production.

Glen told us “Education and personal development mean a lot to me, and for that reason at college (alongside class assignments) I worked on a large variety of projects”

Examples of some of the fantastic projects Glen was a part of include “Shooting and mixing live recordings of theatre, undertook videography projects for weddings, filming Aberdeen Grammar’s Rugby team, shooting a drama in a prison (alongside some current industry professionals) and working as a camera op on a music video for local Aberdeen musician.” Glen continued to explain “In addition, I wrote and directed a short drama that was screened at Aberdeen’s Belmont Cinema. I am hugely proud of the work I did at college and I feel that the diversity of the work there really allowed me to grow as a film maker.”

Looking past Glen’s education background, to more recent times, Glen went into further detail on his working experience “I have applied the same level of professional development into my time as a freelance videographer. Predominantly focusing on wedding videography and editing, I have attempted to undertake as diverse work as I can. I have worked as a DIT and Sound Operator for a couple of short films set in Banchory, as well as working as a food photographer for a food delivery service. I have also been able to shoot promotional material for local businesses. I feel like working independently has taught me a lot, but I greatly appreciate to also work as part of a team to create something on a larger scale and I really look forward to what the future holds with AVC Immedia”.

In his spare time outside of work, Glen revealed to us that “you’ll often find me with my 1980 Vintage Zenit-E camera in my hands. I love shooting on 35mm film, as you have to get it right the first time. I think there’s a tendency with digital to shoot first and then pick out the highlights from them, whereas you don’t have that luxury with film.”

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