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Video Production

AVC Immedia is at the forefront of video production expertise and always working to take things to the next level with the latest technological innovations. We have over 40 years’ experience making dynamic and professional video content for brands and organisations across sectors like energy, education, retail and sport. We have worked with some of the biggest brands in the business, and our video production services take us all around the world. If you’re looking for captivating, professional video content, then your company could be our next stop.

Bring your brand to life with video production services from Immedia. Stand out on social media with a branded video, engage with your audience and promote your latest product development. Capture that big company event and make your products and services shine and enhance staff communications with smart instructional videos.

Video production for brands

Content is king, and video dominates time spent online, especially on mobile platforms. Almost all (96 per cent) of UK adults access YouTube and 13 per cent of adults’ time online is spent on YouTube, according to Ofcom’s Media Nations 2019 report. Young adults watch YouTube for an average of an hour a day. A strong video presence with high production values and compelling visuals can give your brand the edge in a competitive marketplace. Immedia’s video production team will help you generate hype on social media, encourage shares and spark conversation with original and engaging video content. How-tos and instructional videos help audiences understand your products or make your channel a one-stop shop to educate, engage and entertain.

We are specialists in sports production content and have long-standing relationships with some of the largest sporting organisations in the world. We produce educational content across the globe and have created content at some of the largest sporting events on the planet.

New technologies in video production

AVC Immedia will use cutting-edge video technology to capture your business from the best angle. Drone filming means the sky really is the limit. Our gyro-stabilised 4K cameras rotate on three axis, producing smooth and stunning aerial footage. Drone cameras can produce jaw-dropping shots that stop the social media scroll.

360° video uses spherical cameras to capture the best view in the house – every view! This video provides an immersive experience that’s ideal for giving your audience full access to landscapes, objects and events. Fully panoramic and in high-definition, it makes for breathtaking content. Social media platforms now support 360° video, meaning your content will really stand out on your audience’s feed.

Events filming

From sports events and music festivals to awards ceremonies and grand openings, we’ve captured them all. Whatever your event – and whatever your budget – AVC Immedia has a solution to help you ensure these occasions have lasting value. A professionally filmed and edited video makes your event accessible to a wider audience and gives it an afterlife of its own. We can also provide video services for awards ceremonies. We’ll interview your nominees, edit together a slick video profile of them and put them centre stage on the night. Our Dreamstream X system lets you live stream an event, conference or meeting to invited viewers or to the whole world.

Videos for business and internal communications

AVC Immedia’s corporate video production services help brands tell their stories. Whether you need to connect with staff, other businesses or simply to give your brand a boost, Immedia’s video production team offers a professional and expert service through the whole process. We can produce HSE induction and training videos, including essential health and safety briefings, to keep your employees informed and up-to-date, saving you time and money. 

Creative Visual Content

Our specialist video production team will take your project from concept to storyboard to stunning creative content. We are vastly experienced and pride ourselves on delivering content that gets results. With so many new digital tools at our fingertips, we’re hungry for the next challenge.

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