Fugro created a complete digital model of Scotland’s railways using their RILA™ monitoring system. With this model Network Rail could optimise operations, introduce new trains and design electrification schemes to reduce the CO2 emissions of future rail travel.

The system was deployed on scheduled service trains in partnership with ScotRail.

The data was used to check train positions, enabling the introduction of new trains to the network and supporting the design of electrification schemes to reduce the carbon footprint of future rail travel.

Fugro wanted a short project film of the RILA monitoring system in action.


We worked with Fugro to create the short project film along one of the most iconic pieces of rail infrastructure in the world – the Glenfinnan Viaduct, featured in many high profile feature films.

Timing was essential for the project due to the limited amount of daily schedules and the west coast of Scotland climate!

AVC provided still photography, drone videography and traditional videography for the project.


The final project edit can be seen at the top of the page