For the past three years, we have been offshore in the Pacific Ocean documenting the evolving story of The Metals Company (TMC). TMC are exploring the resource potential of polymetallic nodules 4200m down on the seabed of the Clarion Clipperton Zone. These small rocks are a source of the rare earth metals the world needs for energy transition.

Our team has been on multiple scientific research trips each lasting up to 12 weeks onboard a repurposed anchor handler vessel with a crew of 57. Our job was to capture life offshore – film the scientific operations; curate promotional imagery and cut together engaging stories for the wider world to see. Filming these campaigns meant working with a large variety of research institutions from all over the world, each a specialist in their field. Much of the baseline information has been collected and the data are now being processed and analysed.

We were thrilled to be present for the pilot mining campaign in October 2022 aboard the Allseas Hidden Gem. The size of the vessel and the complexity of the 10-week operation put into perspective the scale of the potential industry that might emerge. Onboard the converted drill ship we were able to capture a historic moment – the first polymetallic nodules to deck via a vertical riser. The excitement of the engineers and all onboard was wonderful to see!