Video Conferencing Solutions: How To Enhance Corporate Communications And Stay Visually Connected

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8 September 2022

COVID-19 has forever changed the way we work. With more and more companies now offering remote or hybrid working opportunities, it is crucial to have a strong communication infrastructure in place. This is where video conferencing solutions come in, as they provide organisations with the ability to evolve their communication methods. 

In today’s business world, video conferencing is vital to staying connected with co-workers and clients. Whether you work remotely or coordinate projects on an international scale, video conferencing can help you streamline communication and collaborate more effectively with your team. 

If you want to present your company in a professional manner during meetings with clients, enhance communication and ensure your team are as productive as possible while working from home, investing in the right audio and visual equipment is essential. In this article, we’ll explore how video conferencing solutions can elevate your business operation to the next level. 

Boost employee satisfaction and retention

A healthy work-life balance is critical to maintaining employee satisfaction and keeping your workforce invested in their jobs. Offering remote or flexible working gives employees greater control over their workdays and creates a feeling of camaraderie among co-workers. 

Video conferencing allows employees to interact with one another and create relationships even if they are working remotely. This may help to foster a strong sense of team spirit and enhance morale. As a result, video conferencing might be an excellent method to minimize staff turnover while also saving money on recruiting expenses. 

It’s also worth noting that video conferencing can assist in the development of communication between departments. By bringing workers from various departments together for video conferences, you may help to break down silos and improve cooperation by uniting your divided workforce. 

According to a recent study, employees who fit well within their organization and have greater job satisfaction were more likely to remain with their employers for longer. By investing in the right AV equipment, you can boost employee satisfaction, and thus improve employee retention. 

Streamline management and usability

A consolidated video conferencing system that is centrally managed allows teams to focus on their meetings rather than worrying about addressing technical difficulties on every call. 

A sophisticated AV system should first and foremost be simple to use and administer. A centrally managed video conferencing system helps to streamline communication, and enhance your conference calls, presentations, brainstorming sessions, and client meetings, by eliminating the hassle of having to troubleshoot audio and video quality issues or switch between different systems or programs. 

Additionally, video conferencing solutions offer the ability to record video calls, which can be a valuable asset for training new employees or conducting performance reviews. 

Investing in the right video conferencing solution will help to ensure that your organisation is able to stay connected and visualise the work environment, no matter where employees are located. By having a centralized video conferencing system in place, you can be sure that your company’s communication methods are streamlined and efficient. 

Fostering positive relationships with co-workers and clients

Face-to-face conversations provide you the chance to engage on a personal level, pick up on verbal and nonverbal cues, and begin to build trust. While video conferencing isn’t quite the same as meeting in person it enables people to connect visually with one another.  

Building relationships with your co-workers and clients is one of the most significant benefits of video conferencing. Building a rapport with someone is a lot easier when you can see their face and body language. This may promote communication improvement and trust-building. 

When video conferencing is used as a tool for training or performance management, it can also help to build trust between managers and employees by providing transparency and fostering two-way communication. 

Clear video and audio are critical for video conferencing. In order to have an effective video conference, you need to make sure that everyone on the call can see and hear one another clearly. This can be accomplished by investing in high-quality video conferencing equipment. 

There are many different types of video conferencing solutions on the market, so it is important to do your research and find the best fit for your company’s needs. Be sure to consider factors such as price, features, functionality, and compatibility with your current systems when coming to a decision. 

Immerse your team in the meeting experience

When working remotely, people will travel to meetings from various locations, thus it is essential to foster a productive meeting atmosphere. When employing the appropriate video conferencing equipment, everyone feels included in the meeting and as though they are all in the same room. 

A video conferencing system with excellent video and audio quality will create an immersive meeting experience for everyone involved. In order to ensure that your video conferences are successful, be sure to invest in a high-quality video conferencing solution. 

Rally culture and communication

Fostering a positive company culture is one of the best ways to motivate employees, boost morale, improve employee engagement and retain talented workers. But how do you immerse employees in your company culture when they work from home? 

That’s where video conferencing comes in, providing workers with the unique ability to connect with one another face-to-face and build strong communication lines. 

When video conferencing is used for daily stand-up meetings, employees have the chance to connect with one another, share ideas and collaborate on projects. This type of team-building activity can help to foster a positive company culture and improve communication between co-workers. 

What AV equipment you'll need to level up your conferencing space?

In a contemporary office setting, having the appropriate AV solutions for conference rooms is essential. You could find it difficult to remain current if your audio and video technology is outdated. 

Not sure what technology a contemporary conference room truly needs? Here are some examples of the necessary audio-visual components for your meeting rooms. This is not a comprehensive list, but it should enable you to properly interact with clients and co-workers and make your company function more smoothly.  

Video conferencing solutions

It has never been more important to be able to see and hear your co-workers and clients. This is made feasible by services like Zoom, Teams, and many more, but if you don’t have the necessary tools, it could be challenging to make this work in a conference room.  

If you’re looking to upgrade you’re video conferencing set up start by procuring some wide monitors and strategically placed cameras. Additionally, you’ll need a set of high-quality speakers and microphones, which we’ll cover in more detail below.  

Video wall or a projector

Do you frequently have a large group in a conference room? Do you need to offer a lot of information and presentations to a lot of people at once? An epic video wall, huge 4K TV, or projector will be the central focal point of your conference room. 

If you choose a video wall, you may want to invest in an interactive one. This will let people use the video wall as a touchscreen to control the meeting, play with presentations, and more. If you don’t need something that big or interactive, a projector is a more budget-friendly solution that can still offer a lot of features and a great video experience.  

Mics and conference audio

There are instances when a video conference may be unnecessary. Often, a straightforward conference call would suffice, and it’s far simpler to put one up. This is why many office buildings still have conferencing telephones that are intended for use in conference or meeting rooms. 

If you run into problems with alternative audio conferencing solutions, a conference phone with a dedicated landline might be a solid fallback. 

When you video conference, the sound is just as important as the image. If participants can’t hear each other, it completely negates the point of video conferencing in the first place. This is why a high-quality microphone is an essential piece of AV equipment for any conference room. 

Outstanding Speakers

While having high-quality video is fantastic, good audio is frequently more crucial. While visuals are great tools, you won’t fully benefit from them without the correct speakers and a reliable connection. Conference rooms really must have excellent speakers. They will be utilised in a wide range of applications, including audio and video conversations and presentations. 

System for Wireless Presentation

Although wireless setup is not necessary, it frequently makes utilising the technology easier and more efficient. Additionally, it creates a neat appearance in a conference room, and if you frequently meet with customers, you’ll want to present your company as organized and professional. 

Going wireless could be a useful strategy for achieving that. This will also make it easier for presenters from outside your business to share their digital presentations within your conference space using their own equipment and devices, or with others via screen sharing.  

video conferencing solutions


When you’re looking for a video conferencing solution provider, it’s essential to find one that offers comprehensive solutions. At AVC Immedia, we provide everything from video walls to wide-screen TVs, speaker systems, audio equipment, soundproofing and much more. 

Video conferencing solutions have the power to transform communication and collaboration in your company. It’s essential to have the right AV equipment to make the most of it.  

What’s more, a lot of the video and audio equipment for conference rooms that we’ve discussed so far can be used for other purposes as well, such as training employees or hosting brainstorming and collaboration sessions to flesh out new business ideas. 

Conference room systems are designed to integrate into a company’s existing network and be utilized for a variety of tasks. The video walls, for example, can also act as digital signage in your meeting rooms when they’re not in use. 

At AVC, our AV professionals can help you choose and install the perfect video conferencing solution for your business. Contact us today to get started! 

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