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Want to increase engagement with your audience and drive sales?

Get your message across with in-store audio advertising. Harness the power of sound by integrating bespoke audio adverts and branded messaging into your in-store music channel to engage your audience in a unique way.

Audio adverts and branding

AVC Immedia has 20 years of experience in creating captivating audio content for brands. With many awards for excellence including European Supplier of the Year, we have a vast array of talented voice-over artists to suit your brand with the right tonality and capture the attention of your brand’s unique audience.
Built on an in-depth understanding of people’s psychological responses to being in public spaces, their attention mechanisms and the way in which they perceive information, we deliver effective communications that encourage further spending decisions supported by on-brand, engaging audio messaging.

In-store advertising

Helping to deliver a consistent tone of voice for your business across all platforms, in-store audio adverts are a great way to upsell, cross-promote and engage the target audience. Research shows that in-store advertising has powerful effects on customer behaviour. According to a study in the journal Intangible Capital, two-thirds of purchase decisions are made in store, and audio promotions provide a way for your business to point customers towards your showcase lines and promotional offers.

AVC Immedia creates results-driven audio advertisements that increase sales and that blend seamlessly with your branded music creating a positive store environment that encourages shoppers to stay longer and spend more.

Superdrug saw up to 24% increase in sales of products advertised on their
in-store radio.

Strategic and responsive audio campaigns

AVC Immedia tailor messages to suit different times of the day or year, allowing you to promote that meal deal at lunchtime or offer gift ideas in the run-up to Christmas. Because our channels stream live from our UK studios, we can act responsively to the needs of your target audience and your business.

Irrelevant and repetitive adverts are annoying. Immedia ensures the frequency and placement of the audio branding and promotions are always relevant and fresh for your audience’s enjoyment. Live streaming enables us to quickly swap communications. So if a product is no longer available or you want to advertise your latest promotion, you can update your messages quickly and easily. Businesses can stream the same ad communication across unlimited locations, or have different ads in different languages or vary the content by location for a different consumer demographic whilst keeping on-brand.

Pitch perfect

Speech is undoubtedly a hugely powerful communication tool, but to really harness its full potential through in-store audio ads, you have to get the tone of your messages just right. The wrong voice-over artist or style of delivery can mean your audience fails to engage with or even notice your advertisements. Worse still, they may even be put off by them. When it comes to tonality, we’ve got you covered. We create audio ads that are tailored perfectly to the demographics of your customers, as well as their likely mood and aims when they’re in your premises. This delivers real cut-through for your marketing messages.

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