How to Maximise Your Microsoft Teams Setup

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6 October 2021

Many of us have now are fully transitioned into a version of virtual communication for work (in our case it’s specifically Microsoft Teams!) but for some the endless Zoom invites, the email notifications, WhatsApp popups, and the phone calls is a world I am more than pleased to have left behind. Is this a world we have left for good? only time will tell.

We (as a business) transitioned over to using Microsoft Teams at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and it has completely transformed how we do business and communicate, not only internally but externally with clients, suppliers, and partners.

In April 2020, there were around 75 million daily active users of Microsoft Teams, Fast forward a year, and the increase is quite staggering… There’s now an estimated 145 million people who use Microsoft Teams daily!

Having a best-in-class communication portal is fantastic however having the facilities and hardware to support the application is just as crucial to getting the best experience. How many times have you been in a meeting where the room has an echo? or the signal keeps dropping out? or even when we can’t see our colleagues as the camera isn’t working!?

I must admit, I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to HD, 4K and 8K video and I’m always striving for the ultimate resolution available. What did we do before HD?!! (I know but I am still trying to forget!)

Having the best video for your meetings is a crucial part of the solution to running an effective meeting, there is nothing worse than a pixelated video playing or a camera that you cannot see who is at the other end.

Having the optimal meeting environment and setup is vital for any meeting, but even more so for the virtual meeting world. Dialing in clients, partners and colleagues from around the world is now so commonplace in our home offices and workplaces and I don’t foresee this change in the meeting world going away anytime soon. We are now in the ‘work from anywhere’ world and it’s here to stay.

We work with some fantastic suppliers, and all of them produce some of the essential products you’ll need required to maximise your meeting space and meetings. Listed below are some of them that really stand out at the moment for me :

1. Logitech Rally Bar Room System

This is a great system for any midsized room, transforming any room to a Microsoft teams room meeting place. This is a truly all-inclusive room solution from the tap and rally bar right through to the motorised PTZ Camera, room filling speakers and sensitive microphone array. Overall, this system delivers a premium option when considering your next meeting room upgrade.

2. Poly G85-T

This system from tech giants Poly delivers a simple and clutter free Microsoft Teams room experience. The clean cable management definitely appeals and the Poly GC8 touch console is slick with its single 10m fibre optic USB connectivity.

3. Lenovo ThinkSmart Core Room Kit

The last system and by no means last, is the option from Lenovo. The Lenovo ThinkSmart is perfect for small, medium, and large sized Microsoft Teams rooms. Having the everything you need to remotely manage and protect right out of the box is a huge appeal and is definitely worth considering. This package features all the usual specifications including Camera, Controller, Bar and comes pre-loaded with ThinkSmart manager.

We are asked on a weekly basis now by clients unsure on the best configuration for a meeting room or the best way to upgrade an existing board room but also the best use of technology for an ever-changing working world, which in the main is still working from home.

With several options and alternatives in the marketplace, the team at AVC Immedia would be delighted to walk you through some of the available AV products, if you would like to see these brilliant products in action then we also welcome you to come test and demo them at our HQ or, if preferred, we also offer to carry this service out at your place of business, for your convenience.


Written by Keith Robertson, Group Operations Director at AVC Immedia.

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