Meet the Presenters! featuring Roger Clarke

3 November 2022

Continuing our ‘Meet the presenter’ series, our next presenter to feature is Roger Clarke!

Roger started his presenting career in commercial radio during 1998 at GWR FM (Swindon).

What do you love about your job?

I have various presenting roles, but ultimately it’s the personal connection I have with my listener that I thrive on. It’s what the basics of radio is all about and should be. For me, it’s the one-to-one intimacy of radio that I love, which is so important to convey….just like talking to a mate in a chatty and conversational way. I love the ability to share a little of my life in a way I hope the listener can relate to and engage with.  Also having the chance to play great music too tops off the whole experience.

Career Highlight?

My career highlight…is having a natter on the radio with the TV and radio personality Johnny Vaughan. Such a delightful guy to chat with, quick witted and such a great story-teller about his Big Breakfast days. Made for an easy interview.

First record you ever bought?

First record I ever bought…an album, rather than a single…the greatest hits of Ricky Astley!

Guilty Pleasure?

Guilty pleasure song…S Club 7, Reach. Always stirs up my best singing ability. Ish.

If you weren’t a radio presenter what would you be?

If I wasn’t in radio what would I be doing?….still pretending to be a DJ in my bedroom, like all those years ago. Probably honing my cooking skills to be a hard working chef somewhere….my other passion in life!

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