AVC Immedia Launches World’s First Radio Station For The Energy Sector!

1 March 2021

Energise Radio Station Goes Live!

On Monday 1st March 2021, AVC Immedia proudly launched their new radio station designed for the energy sector, Energize. This new offering is the first of its kind in the world and aims to provide news, information & entertainment to the oil, gas & energy sector that’s based UK wide.

The radio station will host a variety of live presenters that connect the energy community.

Energize aims to serve as a vital communications tool for all energy industry leaders, as well as an engaging listen for the workforce and finally a platform to share what’s really important to them.

AVC Immedia realises that the demands of working in the oil and gas industry can be challenging for employees and their families – on and offshore. With loved ones and colleagues far apart, it is important to feel connected and part of a community – no matter where they are or the time of day. Human well-being increases when we feel part of a community and connect regularly with our loved ones and this is where Energize steps in to boost the feelings of connection & community spirit.

Content broadcast over the station will feature the right balance of essential information, such as Health and safety information that will increase awareness, reduce accidents and downtime and therefore reduce costs. Music, entertainment and interaction will be provided daily including shout outs, requests, weather updates, birthday recognition and podcasts to engage and connect workers.  The new radio will be available online and throughout communal working areas, such as on the oil rigs, at sea or in the air.

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