Our in-house motion graphics and 2D animation team integrate creativity and expertise to tell emotionally animated stories that captivate audiences.

With so many options in the 2D creative space, we’ve helped clients educate their customers and staff, brought static brands to life, and used characters of all styles to inform and capture imaginations.

If you have a product you’re struggling to tell a story for, a message that needs some creative visual input or even a storyline you want brought to life, then our team will guide you through the process to give you something you’ll be proud to shout about.

Stuck for how to bring your story or vision to life, 2D animation can be a fantastic way of creating eye catching content that engages your customers. For years we’ve helped our clients deliver motion graphics and animations whether that be explainer videos, product launches, logo stings, mobile app walkthroughs and more. If a picture can paint a thousand words just imagine what animation can do…

We had an idea of what we wanted to produce however from speaking with Angus and his team they enhanced this massively to create what continues to be a talking point during our customer engagements and industry calls. AVC Immedia produced very high-quality work that we couldn’t fault and would really recommend them to any company – regardless of size or where they are on their journey.

Where to start?

We’ll create what’s known as style frame , which is the first step in defining the final visual style of an animated video. It’s a fully illustrated snapshot from a single scene. We make the final illustration assets for the animated video based on the approved style frame.

Our recommendation would be no longer than 2 minutes depending on the complexity of the story. With attention spans reducing each year and competition for eyes in the visual space at an all time high, keeping the duration of your video to an optimal length will increase your chances of your communication being seen and understood.

We produce a myriad of animated videos from explainer videos, demo videos, corporate, advertising, educational, how-it works video, medical, motion design and more. We’ll work with you to provide different styles and options for your consideration and that will compliment your brand.