Vortex tasked our animation and creative team with developing a fast paced and unique way of showcasing their AccuPower High Pressure Water Blaster.

Vortex specified a voiceover to alert prospective customers to the operational and efficiency benefits of the system but also wanted an in situ showcase.

We had free rein so our animators could immerse themselves in creative styling to meet the client objectives.


We opted to produce a cinematic trailer style intro to the video as the technology is shiny, metallic and futuristic looking.   We developed light sweeps across the body of the equipment to tease at the product features. 


We then transitioned between camera angles  – from inside the pipe as the water blaster went to work and from an external perspective to show the clearing of the pipe.

We created realistic water simulations to depict as accurately as possible the operation of the water blaster and to showcase the speed and efficiency of the system.

We used an operator eye view before finishing with a reveal of the product name.


The animation was used as part of a product launch at a trade event, followed by use on social media channels and the Vortex website. It has gone on to be a feature of an interactive project we created called Vortex World, showcasing Vortex’s wider service and product portfolio.