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Podcast listening is increasing all the time, with one in eight adults listening to podcasts weekly. According to Ofcom, regular podcast users listen to around seven podcasts each week on average. And with branded podcasts having reached Number One in the iTunes podcast chart, the sky really is the limit.

AVC Immedia offers a full end-to-end experienced and professional podcast creation, publishing, app integration service to get you up and running or you can hire out our studios and equipment to produce your own.

Podcasting has an intimate effect on a listener that’s quite distinct from other forms of audio. It can be more in-depth, authentic and confessional. Audiences choose when they listen to podcasts, creating a strong receptive relationship from the off. Relevant and informative content, a brand-appropriate presenter and hand-picked special guests can carry your podcast to the top of the charts.

Podcast services for your brand

If a consumer has never engaged with your brand before, a podcast is a great way to show them what you’re about. A podcast lets you spend time with a potential new customer, building trust and confidence in your expertise. Podcasts tell stories, offer information and inspire emotions. And audiences believe in their content: according to Ofcom's 2019 Media Nations report, over half (55 per cent) of podcast listeners say they trust what they hear in podcasts.

For brand-loyal customers who can’t get enough of your business, a podcast can make them feel even more involved. It keeps them informed of your latest products and services, connects them to other like-minded people and solidifies their positive experience of your brand. It lets them feel part of an exclusive club and expands their brand knowledge, creating more ambassadors for your business.

Flexibility and reach

Podcasts are there when the consumer needs them to be: in headphones for the morning commute, on a smart speaker while they cook their tea, on their mobile phone as they wind down after a day in the office. A successful podcast can embed your brand into their daily life.

Podcasts have the potential to reach millions of listeners, and can be kept within your brand’s app with Immedia’s integration app service or launched more widely on services such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts.

Podcasts have changed the way we think about audio. Podcast listening is on the up: according to Ofcom's 2019 Media Nations report, the number of regular podcast listeners has grown by 58 per cent over the last two years alone. Immedia’s podcast creation services are adaptable to suit all businesses and budgets.

Podcasts for staff communications and engagement

You’d no doubt love to have the time to sit down with every one of your staff members and keep them up to date with what’s going on in your business. But that time simply doesn’t exist. An internal communications podcast helps you talk directly to employees in a conversational way. Update them with your plans for the brand and thoughts from their colleagues, and invite their ideas. Connect them with the top by airing interviews with the CEO or department heads. Make them feel valued and informed with a podcast that they can listen to at a time that’s right for them.

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Nothing makes a connection like a human voice. Talk to your customers and staff directly with presenter-led radio.

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