Animation can turn any idea, no matter how extraordinary,
into reality


Animation can turn any idea – no matter how extraordinary – into reality. Our team of animators have years of experience in creating animated content from concept to screen. Animated video production is ideal for those aspects of your business that are just too tricky to describe in words, or where it isn’t possible to get access with a camera or where an image doesn’t tell the full story. AVC Immedia offers a 2D & 3D animated video production service providing a range of solutions for your brand, from technical visualizations through to 2D explainer animations. Our specialists can advise on the best medium to fit your message and work with you to turn ideas into reality.

3D animation allows you to render in video what doesn’t yet exist in reality: a new product, a planned building, a service for the future or a product operational many miles below sea level. Our team will produce animations that convey complex concepts in a way that is immediately appealing and understandable to your target audience. Our talented team of animators can also create special visual effects to enhance your videos and add realism and excitement.

Technical and architectural visualisations

AVC Immedia can engineer 3D models and illustrations to any required level of complexity and detail. Our animation specialists are adept at producing animated content to the highest level of detail and the most precise requirements. Our outputs are photo realistic and ideal for supporting that pitch or prototype right through to showing off at the product launch! We also specialise in intricate architectural animations, producing breath-taking fly-throughs of a wide range of structures, buildings and constructions: the perfect way to visualise your projects and add some drama to your pitches and communications. We can work on a project-by-project basis or as an extension to your team.

Character animation

Create a figure that your audience can relate to with Immedia’s character animation services. Ideal for educational content, character animations are popular in HSE induction and staff training videos. Our expert creative team will work with you to design a character in a style that suits your purpose, brand and target audience. Our end-to-end animation team will take you from idea conception to storyboard, bring your character to life, give them a voice and get them out to your audience.

Online audiences and social media users process reams of written information each day. Make your business stand out with eye-catching and easy-to-understand animations. Use them to convey statistics, explain complex concepts and capture imaginations. Immedia can offer fully-animated explainer videos or design graphic overlays to provide statistics, graphs or illustrations over filmed material. Eye-tracking studies performed by Nielson have shown that users pay more attention to information-giving images than those that are purely decorative. Infographics and animations help you deliver the facts and figures that matter to your audience in a way that captures their attention.