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Beyond background music

At AVC Immedia, we know retail. We know that customers are hungry for engaging, immersive shopping experiences whilst brands themselves are looking for ways to increase sales and footfall. This is where our expert audio and visual content services for retail come in.

AVC Immedia offers a full range of audio visual services for retail to engage customers, increase up-selling and cross selling opportunities and tell the story of your business through branded music and audio messaging, creative promotional videos, podcasts and engaging digital signage.

We specialise in audio and visual content for retail. Our omnichannel marketing approach lets you link your brick-and-mortar stores with your online presence, audio and video content across in-store digital signage, websites and apps.

See how AVC Immedia helped transform JD Sports stores into an engagement hub through branded audio and a linked mobile app.

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Multi-sensory experiences

AVC Immedia’s audio visual content services provide multi-sensory engagement for your customers. Get inside their heads with brand-specific audio channels that play a curated selection of tunes appropriate to your audience and ethos. Combine with audio branding, advertising messages and digital signage to play visual promotions to upsell and start conversations. Make your experience interactive with digital signage, in-store order-and-browse points, augmented reality solutions and VR.

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Superdrug saw up to 24% increase in sales of products advertised on their in-store radio.

What are the benefits of in-store advertising through audio and visual content?

In-store music and digital signage have both been proven to increase dwell times and footfall, and to drive sales in retail businesses. Highlighting this, Superdrug recorded up to a 24% increase in sales of products promoted on their channel.  Appeal to your customers by playing the music they love and lifting their mood the instant they walk in the door.

AVC Immedia can create branded audio channels synced with visual content on in-store digital signage, using this persuasive combination of sounds and imagery to engage customers with your brand, products and promotions.

Sound is powerful. We can’t close our ears, so there’s no escaping it. The wrong sound can drive us away, while the right sound can enhance our mood and perceptions. 

A quarter of retailers think that they would lose trade without music.

MusicWorks Study

Getting this right takes expert planning and design. Our specialists will get to know your brand, products and customers, and plan playlists that excite and engage. Our audio communications for retail can be geared to match the time of day, the season and your locations.

Why choose AVC Immedia’s background music for retail?

For too many retailers, music is an afterthought. It’s easy to stick on a background music CD or let your staff pick the tunes. But this is both a risk and a missed opportunity. Staff tastes and explicit lyrics can drive away your target audience, and therefore your sound might not match your brand image. AVC Immedia’s expert service puts your soundtrack safely in our hands, with responsive, tailored playlists, refreshed regularly with hundreds of tracks to choose from and the option to drop in branded audio content, promotions or even a live presenter for that added human touch.

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Because we create audio and visual content, we can unify your multimedia branding. What’s playing on your audio channel can be matched with graphics or video on your digital signage with Radio Vision. Your audio channel can play across your app, website and in-store. This omnichannel approach to marketing gives consumers a strong, experiential relationship with your brand, increasing brand engagement and leading to brand loyalty. It also lets you target promotional products in an engaging and exciting way to upsell and cross-sell, leading to increased dwell times, sales and returning customers.

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Improved staff engagement

Music also motivates employees and increases morale. More than four-fifths of retailers in a MusicWorks’ study felt that music boosted the mood and satisfaction of their staff. Many of our clients use their in-store radio for retail channels and digital signage outside trading hours to encourage employee engagement and provide training content. Immedia can help you create professionally-produced podcasts, animations and videos to inform and engage your staff.

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"95% of staff say HSBC Live improves their working environment"

"It brightens the day and the office, I would hate to be without it"

HSBC Employee

"Epping are absolutely loving Nationwide Live this morning and sharing the joy with our customers"

Nationwide Building Society Member

AV refits and AV equipment for retail

In-store spaces need careful planning. Audio visual experience is made or broken by the quality and placement of equipment, which is why Immedia offers a full consultation, procurement and installation service for our audio visual solutions and retail background music systems.

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Engage, entertain and excite your customers – It is more than just background music


Increase brand engagement and drive sales.


Nothing makes a connection like a human voice. Talk to your customers and staff directly with presenter-led radio.


The ultimate omnichannel in-store communication tool. Combines your in-store audio with powerful visuals on digital signage to create a message that doubles the impact.