Voice Recognition



Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google assistant …. Sound familiar? These are all the names of voice recognition software’s which we use daily. Now there’s a new one to add to the list Bixby which is being released by Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Many companies are releasing new technology using voice recognition which allows the user to control their actions by the sound of their voice. Now that is smart thinking. Ever find yourself bumping into things whilst trying to find the bed once you’ve switched the lights off? Fear no more! Technology is so advanced you can switch the lights off with voice recognition or even control it from your phone. All you need is smart LED bulbs that can connect to WiFi or a smart hub that’s compatible with Amazon’s Echo. Smart outlets allow you to plug in devices and control the power by voice recognition. Seriously how cool is that?

Today we can play music by talking to devices and listen to a specific song. Is this making us lazy or more technically advanced? The answer is probably both. Is it really too much hard work to get up from the sofa to press the play button and choose the specific song? To some the answer is yes – technology is generally put out there to make everything in life simpler and easier. Which is why some can argue voice recognition is much quicker as you don’t have to search it yourself or you could be busy and its simply much faster.

The down side is voice recognition doesn’t always get it right (we are pretty sure everyone has a funny story to tell about it) or it may appear when you don’t want it. Another limitation is in most cases the user has to hold down the button to activate it or just simply awaken the voice control by calling its name. Do we really want to be seen talking to our ‘imaginary friend’ in a public place?

The screens we provide can be controlled by voice providing you have the correct technology which would be impressive when presenting in a meeting. We love audio and video here at AVC Immedia. Sound enables to change the dynamic of a video and gives a spectacular visual.

The future and predictions Mobile phones could see a decrease for voice recognition however more people are more likely to use it in their homes to turn appliances on and off.  Technology is becoming more progressive that the future could see cars using voice recognition to turn the engine on and off as well as the window wipers… and right now they can even park better than we can. What’s next? Voice recognition responding with a bit of backchat reminding you of how important it is and ‘if you need something you talk to me!’.