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29 July 2022

Whilst travelling to our office in Aberdeen this week, I was thinking about what makes our company great and stand out from others. The answer is our Core Values and how those values are lived by our team.

Our people are the most valuable asset we have. The board can strategise and guide, but it is at the ‘coal face’ where the difference is made and where our link is strongest to the outside world. It was a pleasure to see the passion of our Aberdeen team as they handled numerous animation, video and AV projects with superlative quality and without missing a beat.

Without this quality, which is continuously on show, we would not be able to achieve our objectives. We empower the team by delegating responsibility so we don’t stifle creativity. As we’re human , we’re not afraid to make mistakes; in keeping with our visibility value if we make mistakes we don’t hide, we take responsibility, fix them and learn.

Post pandemic most of us live in a hybrid working world; it was refreshing to be part of a team in the office that was so obviously focused and driven to deliver the best work possible for our clients.

For all of the above, I want to give my heart felt thanks.


Written by John Trevorrow, Finance Director at AVC Immedia.

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