Top 10 Tips For Social Media #Business

Accounts – decide if you want a regular account or business account. On certain social media platforms, it allows for business accounts where you can create sponsored posts and track analytics

Quality over quantity – It is important not to post too many posts a day as it be too over whelming which followers could get annoyed and unfollow from the social media page. It is better to post quality posts which are interesting and relevant.

Content! – Content is key. Your content can influence whether someone decides whether to follow or not. It’s great to gain lots of followers but how many are those relevant to your business? Is there a call to action on the posts? Don’t be afraid to add links to other social media platforms and blogs. Opinions are great but avoid being personal and don’t set out to offend, once you post it, you can’t take it back! Never slag off your competitors or other businesses or business leaders, it’s unprofessional and turns customers away.

Strategy? – Do you have a social media strategy in place? Having a social media strategy in place can be helpful as you should decide how often you are going to post and what you are going to post. A helpful tip is to set aside a budget which may cover the costs of sponsored posts, a photographer and social media strategist.

Time – Timing is everything. The time you post at can result in how many likes you receive. Each Social media platform is different. An example is LinkedIn which on average people are most likely to be on the social media platform between the times of 9-10 am where the user will check early in the morning for updates and 5pm onwards after work.

Power of the # – Using a hashtag can result in getting more followers and likes. Using the most popular hashtags reaches a mass audience as it is the most searched key word.

Audience – It’s important to know your audience as this can affect the time you are posting at and the actual content going out. If you know your audience is in a specific area then tag the location which targets the posts specifically to them.

Be Creative! – Experiment! There’s lots of fun ways to be creative. Why not try a video, Instagram story, blog writing or even create your own hashtag? Did you know the attention span of an adult is 8 seconds? Keep the creativity flowing.

Employees. Don’t forget about the people who make the Company. Show a little employee appreciation and add some business culture into your social media platforms. People like to see inside the business and what they’re up to. One voice, be representative of your businesses brand, culture, ethics and values. If it’s a business account, it’s the business speaking out!

Trends – Keep up with the trends. There’s so many trends that happen every day which includes histories events. Don’t miss the conversation and join in! Say something newsworthy, don’t slap your own back all of the time, those who say how well they are doing often mean the opposite, your success or failures are yours to own.


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