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AVC Immedia is pleased to announce seasoned Technical Animator, Rob Hancock, has re-joined the animation team in his new role as Senior 3D Animator. When asked about his position within the team, he explained: “It’s not just a job, it’s a passion, AVC Immedia offers a variety of clients and subject matter to keep any animator challenged, providing creative solutions is what I love to do.”

Rob originally joined AVC Media back in 2004 establishing animation as a service offering and expanding the department up to 4 permanent employees. Early content was more of the technical ‘How it works’ type nature, but it soon grew into motion graphics for video and eventually interactive presentations.

Entirely self-taught, and utilising skills developed as a traditional Illustrator/Airbrush Artist Rob has built a wealth of experience in the common 3D applications from their early versions to the present day. He says, “It was a natural progression for me, from the drawing board to the computer to create illustrations, and then as 3D software became readily available being able to make those images move!”

Rob’s vast knowledge of animation has evolved with the software over the years (over 30 alone working within the oil & gas industry). During that time Rob has mentored many animators, including our very own talented Margit Tomingas, whom he’s very much looking forward to working with again on her return from Maternity Leave.

We asked Rob for a pro tip for future budding animators, and he said: “No matter the software, the key to great visuals is understanding the physics of light, and how it interacts with the world around us”. Rob also advised, “You should never be afraid to experiment, continual learning and creative thinking are the key to delivering animations that exceed expectations”.

Rob re-joins the animation team at an exciting time for AVC Immedia, after investing across the business in the latest GPU rendering software and hardware enabling the animation team to get higher quality renders faster. During the current global COVID-19 pandemic, this is even more vital, with many companies in lockdown, filming opportunities are limited leading to a boom in animation. So, why not challenge Rob and the team to tell your story!?