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Another Talented Addition at AVC Immedia

AVC Immedia added a fantastic new member to their Aberdeen team with Darren Matchett joining as Senior AV Technician. After previously working for AVC Immedia as an independent contractor, Darren decided to join the team full time as he enjoyed the daily challenges and sizeable projects that AVC Immedia were involved in. Darren went on to explain “I’m excited about the opportunity to work With AVC Immedia. I look forward to working with their current clients and helping build relationships with potential new clients and all the AV projects they require.”

When Darren was asked about why he joined AVC Immedia, he explained: ” I like working for AVC Immedia because as it’s an ever-expanding & diverse company that has a wide range of clients. Clients can range from major companies such as Subway, Nationwide & Shell to local schools, hairdressers and food production companies.”

Darren got involved in the AV sector by becoming an apprentice aerial and satellite engineer for a large local domestic retailer. After completing his apprenticeship he moved into domestic installations of AV equipment & cinema rooms and then progressed into Commercial Installations from there onwards.

We asked Darren for any tips he could give someone who would like to follow his footsteps and also work in the wonderful world of AV, he said that “You’ve got to love technology and keeping up with its ever-changing advancements. You also need to love problem solving and working with people to best fulfil their AV needs.” He also mentioned that “I’ve always found shortage in good AV technicians in the industry, so there are opportunities out there for young people who are keen to learn about AV and to get involved with companies, such as AVC Immedia. We do some exciting and cool projects!”

Darren makes for a great addition to our team and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and ideas. We are very happy to have him onboard, all the best Darren!