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The recent NFL Super Bowl match wasn’t just about football — many viewers tune in each year to simply see the TV commercials that airs in between the action on the pitch.

NBC reported that they expected 100 million Americans to watch the event, not including the many other viewers that tuned in around the world. This meant they were able to reportedly charge close to $7 million for a 30-second ad slot!

Over 50 global brands happily spent that amount to get in on a slice of the action and try to stand out. Many brands decided the best way forward was to hire celebrities to act in their ads to make them more memorable, but some had other ideas such as limited-edition prizes and carrying on tradition of their ads each year.

AVC Immedia looked back at the game and gathered 10 of our favourite commercials (in no particular order) in the 2022 super bowl that scored a touchdown for us:

Doritos: Flamin' Hot

General Motors: Dr EV-il

BMW USA: Zeus & Hera

Amazon: Mind Reader

Budweiser: A Clydesdale's Journey

Captain Morgan: Super Bowl Punch Bowl

Toyota: Brothers - Start Your Impossible

Hellmann's: Mayo Tackles Food Waste

Kia: Robo Dog

Pringles: Stuck In