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Utilize the power of our audio employee engagement service and leave your staff feeling fully connected to your wider team.  

Audio Employee Engagement

Effective audio and visual team communications can play an essential role in helping to keep your workers connected, engaged and informed. Ideally, you might be able to reach out to all of your employees individually on a regular basis to keep them informed of any news and company developments. In reality, there simply isn’t the time or resources available for this in the vast majority of businesses. With so many other priorities to focus on as an organisation, there’s a risk that your employees could be left feeling out of the loop and disconnected. 

This is where our audio and visual employee engagement services really come into their own. As a leading AV content provider, AVC Immedia offers a range of services that allow you to connect with your employees on an ongoing basis. With our help, your staff will always be fully clued up and feel part of your wider team. 

Live streamed audio content that engages, informs and inspires

Music is a well-established employee engagement tool. Research carried out by Spotify suggests that more than six in 10 people report listening to music to boost their productivity and happiness at work. Also, a survey carried out by Totaljobs found that 20 per cent of people believe listening to music can help them to manage external distractions. These studies highlight the potential of music to enhance employee morale and improve productivity. At AVC Immedia, our live streamed, brand-led music is always audience-appropriate, varied and frequently updated to ensure a fresh, engaging sound. 

We also offer a presenter-led audio service that gives you the opportunity to speak directly to your employees outside of customer opening hours. Functioning as brand ambassadors for your business, our experienced and skilled presenters can keep employees up to date with the latest news and developments in your company, and help to increase motivation, build a sense of belonging and strengthen team spirit.

 Presenter-led audio has a wide range of functionalities, including the ability to tell workers about new training opportunities and services, and promoting company events. You can also give special mentions and shout-outs to team members who have gone the extra mile. Additionally, our audio service gives you the chance to run live interviews and call-in sessions with key figures in your organisation, from department heads to the CEO. However you use presenter-led audio, it can be a highly effective way to connect personnel at all levels of your business.

One of the key benefits of audio employee communications is the fact that, unlike video and webcasts, audio can be consumed while people are carrying out other tasks. This makes this method of communication an extremely unobtrusive way of delivering information so colleagues can be kept up to date while working at their desks or travelling to their next meeting. 

 Our services can also be integrated into your apps and website, allowing your employees to tune in even when they’re not in the workplace. This added functionality is likely to be increasingly important to many businesses as more people make the switch to working remotely. Recent data from the Office for National Statistics revealed that amid the Covid-19 pandemic, nearly half of people in employment had done some of their work from home. 

AVC Immedia works with a number of leading brands to deliver high-quality, live presenter-led audio services that enhance employee engagement and improve customer experiences at the same time.

Check out the omnichannel, on-brand audio content services we provide
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Internal communications podcasts provide the personal touch

For in-depth audio content that helps ensure your employees feel valued and informed, our podcast services could be ideal. An internal communications podcast gives you the opportunity to speak to your employees in a conversational yet in-depth way. It allows you to update your colleagues with company developments and plans, ideas for the future, training information and much more – plus this content can be accessed at a time and place that suits individual employees.

 AVC Immedia offers professional end-to-end podcast creation, publishing and app integration services to help you harness the full potential of this communication channel.

Visual internal communications that are guaranteed to grab attention

As well as audio content, you can rely on us for sleek, state-of-the-art visual communication solutions that really speak to your employees. We offer a full range of digital signage technologies, as well as video and animation services, that are ideal for reaching out to staff. From training videos that convey information in an attention-grabbing, easily digestible format, to perfectly crafted team videos that foster a sense of community and togetherness, you can turn to the specialists at AVC Immedia. 

To ensure maximum impact for your visual internal staff communications, our experts can select the best digital signage systems or LED walls for your business, accompanied by cutting-edge sound systems. 

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Presenter-Led Radio

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