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transform their world into an interactive theatre of experiences

Digital & Interactive content

You need to immerse your audience, uproot them from their environment and place them somewhere fantastic. You need to transform their world into an interactive theatre of experiences and learning. That’s where Immedia’s digital content services come in. Our expert team is at the forefront of interactive digital innovations to put your brand, product or service centre stage.

Virtual reality (VR)

Create out of this world experiences with the latest in VR technology. We’re changing how businesses and brands interact with their audiences by harnessing cutting-edge technologies and putting them to work for our clients. We can create a realistic, engaging viewing experience in an innovative medium that will excite your audience.

Creating a life-like scenario and allowing your user to experience it improves retention and recall of information, making VR ideal for training and product demonstrations. Traditional online courses often have low completion rates and may need to compete for your employees’ attention against the other demands of their job. Using VR means that you have their full engagement. Our clients use VR training to explore risky situations and create environments in which it is safe to practice and to allow for real life difficult to simulate situations. Staff can role-play within virtual environments to develop empathy and understand how to handle complex situations.

With VR, your audience can experience your new product or service with an attention-grabbing workplace demo or even from the comfort of their own home. Research conducted by Touchstone showed that 81 per cent of people who tried VR told their friends about the experience, making it a valuable tool for generating word-of-mouth brand exposure. With household names like Facebook, Sony and Nintendo all investing in VR, this is your brand’s opportunity to tap into an exploding new technology.

Augmented reality (AR)

Another of our digital interactive content services, augmented reality (AR) offers an altered experience of your real-world surroundings or product, enhanced by computer-generated imagery and content. Amplify your viewer’s sensory perception and engagement using 2D or 3D animation, sound effects, graphics and information pop-ups that showcase your brand or product. Your audience will be able to easily access AR because it’s delivered on a smartphone or tablet. This technology creates simulated environments based on the real world, offering a fully interactive experience to your staff, customers or visitors. You can even sync your AR to enhance your marketing materials.

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