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21 December 2021

2021 sure has been a rollercoaster ride for a lot of us, including at AVC Immedia. One brilliant thing that did come out of the year though was we recruited for a new role of Production Manager and hired Tom Mackenzie to join the AVC Immedia team!

We recently asked him these quick fire questions to introduce him and let you get to know a bit more about our new Production Manager.

What do you love about AVC Immedia?

It’s great working on a huge variety of different projects and applying the creative process to tackle all types of different videos. It really keeps the job interesting and enjoyable. I also love working with such a friendly and like-minded team.

Where have you worked before joining us?

I previously worked in the higher education sector as Media Producer within Digital Marketing. My role involved creating videos form the ground up, much like here at AVC, for a variety of uses across the university, including top-level brand projects. The role also worked closely social media and the digital marketing team in creating content for a variety of platforms and audiences.

Why AVC Immedia?

Part of my last role involved working with external suppliers for video content, one of which was AVC. During these projects I was interested learning about how those at AVC got started in video content and was also keen to know a bit more about the company, so I felt like I knew a bit about how things operated before I joined. When I was offered the job it seemed like a no brainer as I already felt I knew the team and it offered me a great opportunity for new and exciting experiences, which so far has proven true!

Who is your favourite Director?

I’ve loved the style of every Wes Anderson film I’ve watched. The way shots are composed and the often very artsy style he uses really appeals to me and makes the films just so fun to watch. I have to also give a shout out to Guillermo del Toro as a filmmaker. I love practical effects of any kind and a lot of his films are beacons of how they can be implemented well.

What is your favourite editing software and why?

I really stick to Premiere Pro. I’ve admittedly had very little contact with anything outside of Premiere Pro, aside perhaps a bit of Windows Movie Maker back in the day. It’s a classic adobe bit of software, as it is incredibly intimidating to start on. But having taught myself over the last number of years I couldn’t imagine using anything else.

When did you decide to get into video production and realise it was something you enjoyed?

I used to dabble here and there in podcasting and making short Youtube content, which I suppose is where I laid the groundwork for my professional path. I studied Zoology at university and during that time I realised I was a rubbish scientist but I was a keen science communicator. I set my eyes on that path towards the end of my degree and joined the Science journalism society as Creative Editor in my last couple of years at Uni. A job came up at when my degree ended that aligned with the more science-communication side of me, focusing on video production. I mostly self-taught myself in that role and stuck at it for the next 7 or so years, and now here I am.

Who manufacturers the best video camera you’ve used?

I remember being asked what cameras we should purchase when I started my role at the university, and really, I had no idea what was good. We ended up getting a couple of Canon DSLR cameras, which I kind of stuck to through my many years in that role. It’s only really since working with AVC that I’ve been able to utilise the power of a ‘professional’ set-up. So that’s a tricky question for me to answer really!

What is your favourite film or TV series and why?

Peep Show is probably my favourite series of all time. Mainly because of the humour of course, but also the way it’s shot is so interesting. It’s such an innovative take on a sit-com and I could just re-watch it over and over. I hold a similar place in my heart for I am Alan Partridge. Both of those are just top binge-able television for me.

One piece of advice to someone thinking of a career in video production?

Just muck around with video. Have a go filming something on your phone, watch it back, see what would make it better and just keep going. Take inspiration from what you see around you. We spend most of our days consuming media of some sort, try and take a step back and figure out why you like what you like and how you could make something similar.

What is the best tip you have received so far in your career?

Don’t take work home with you. It’s hard to switch off, particularly in current times and home-working situations, but giving yourself that break every day will refresh you for the next. Easier said than done of course!

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