Product Videography: Transforming Views Into Sales

20 May 2022

In today’s fast-paced world, finding fresh, innovative ways to make your products stand out from the mass of marketers vying for consumer attention is vital. Product videography isn’t something new, but it’s proven to be a successful marketing tool. Who hasn’t received or shared a compelling video on social media?


With our hectic schedules, most of us would rather watch 30 second video than read through the same content in written form. According to HubSpot, video is now the second most popular type of content used by marketers to promote products and services.


So, if you haven’t already, now is the time to start your product video production journey. If you need a little more convincing, keep reading.


Here’s our top reasons why should you invest in product video production:

Get found in the search engine

Search engines are always looking for content that is going to engage users. Googles algorithm favours video content because it attracts more and longer page views than anything else online. As a result, Google has begun featuring YouTube videos in its top search results.

Posting your video to both YouTube and your website will improve both your visibility and SEO. Let’s not forget that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Furthermore, if you advertise your video across your social media channels, the chances of your content being discovered skyrockets!

Attract and inform new customers

A product video educates and informs potential new customers about your product, allowing them to make more informed purchasing decisions. Informing your target audience is essential to building a reputation as an authority in your industry and convincing consumers that your product is the perfect match for them.

Build trust and confidence in your product

Ever heard the phrase, “seeing is believing”?

We all know images can sometimes be deceiving. Sharing video evidence of how your product works, gives viewers more confidence in your product claims. Brands that use product videos are regarded as more genuine, authentic, and trustworthy.

Video is also a great way to demonstrate your brand’s personality, enabling you to connect with viewers on a personal level and earn their trust. 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in making a purchasing decision. The more videos you have to help educate and inform your customers, the more you will build on that foundation of trust the convert that trust into sales.

Improve brand exposure and social sharing

Let’s face it: we live in the era of viral video. 92 percent of mobile video viewers share the videos they watch with others.

When provided with information via video rather than text, people are more likely to remember it, resulting in increased brand awareness and association among your target audience.

Boost conversion and ecommerce sales

According to HubSpot, featuring a video on a landing page can increase conversions on your website by 80 percent.

What’s more, 55 percent of buyers use videos to help them make purchasing decisions, while 87 percent of Gen Z preferring product videography that features ordinary people discussing a product. So, if you want to attract a younger audience, product videography that includes tutorials, testimonials, product demos, or all the above will be vital to your marketing plan.

Understanding the customer journey

At the beginning of every customer journey is a pain point. Something that just isn’t quite right in our life.

By addressing those pain points within the first 5 seconds of your product video, you can grab people’s attention just long enough to offer them the solution – your product. And regardless of how far along the consumer is in the customer journey, videography gives you endless ways to capture their attention and keep them on that marketing merry-go-round.

 Here’s how it works:

Awareness: The customer learns about your brand or product.

Recognition: The customer is introduced to your product in more detail over a period of time which piques their interest in your offerings.

Consideration: The customer is interested, so they click on a product video ad, watch some product demos, read some reviews and visit your website. Now they are seriously considering buying from you.

Purchase: The customer is ready to buy. At this point, your brand should be front of mind.

Loyalty: They have become a customer, but your job isn’t over. You need to build trust and loyalty to ensure they become a repeat customer and finally a brand advocate.

These are the five main stages of the customer journey. The best way to think about this process is not like a linear path but a continuous cycle, an ever-spinning wheel of marketing and sales in a world saturated with targeted ads, overflowing inboxes, and online brand advocates sharing their latest purchases. In short, it’s a crowded marketplace, which makes grabbing the consumers’ attention particularly challenging.

That’s where product video production comes into play!

Catching their attention at every stage

You’ll need to diversify your product video content according to their purchasing intent in order to capture consumers at every stage of the customer journey. Enhance your video content by following the below customer journey video production strategy:

Awareness: Begin by creating low-cost, helpful material that is tailored to your ideal customer. The goal is to put your brand where people will see it. One approach to do this is to create engaging, relevant content based on your common interests. At this stage of the purchasing process, inspirational, humorous, and opinion-based product videos are always a good shout. Fortunately these are also fairly inexpensive to produce.

Recognition: It’s time to position your brand as an authority and your product as a problem solver now that they know who you are. Consider the questions that customers may have and produce videos that address them. This establishes trust and introduces the customer to your product while demonstrating your desire to assist them in finding the best answer for their needs.

Experiment with different video formats. Take into account how-to videos, manuals, explainers, live Q&As, and customer testimonials.

Consideration: Short video tutorials help demonstrate how your product solves problems for potential buyers. Include real client testimonials to make these even more effective. Social proof tells them that your product has been tried and tested by their peers.

Case studies or before and after videos are effective at showcasing a success story. Customer success is a strong selling point, particularly during the consideration phase so lean into that.

Our purchases fit into our overall life story. Running shoes are more than simply shoes. They’re a way to get in shape and live the life you desire. Show potential buyers how your product fits into their life using video and don’t forget that all-important call to action.

Purchase: The main goal here is to keep the consumer from leaving and help them through the final steps. Be encouraging and clear, and emphasise the answers. Purchasing something might be a chore. Your duty is to persuade the customer to endure the pain in order to gain the benefits.

Loyalty: Building loyalty begins right after the purchase. A loyalty programme can be structured in a variety of ways, including points, stamps, coupons, and even paid programmes (like Amazon Prime). In each of these scenarios, videos can be utilised to increase client loyalty.

For example, you could make a thank-you video that expresses gratitude for the customer’s purchase and explains what will happen next, or even demonstrate how to get the most out of their new purchase. This demonstrates your commitment to their experience and builds trust.

The secret sauce to product videography success

Though product videos vary greatly in terms of content, style, and duration, they all have a few things in common: engagement, education, quality, and a call to action. You should be able to influence visitors using these four aspects regardless of where they are in the consumer journey.

Engagement: The first step is to make sure your video is interesting. Nothing else matters if it fails to attract the attention of viewers. To ensure a captive audience, make it engaging from beginning to end.

Pay special attention to where the product video will appear on your website: which page and where on the page. The first frame is critical, particularly if the video does not play automatically.

Education: Once you’ve got their attention, make sure the video content teaches them about your offering. A product video’s initial job, as enjoyable as it should be, is to highlight the product and its benefits.

After watching your video, viewers should view your product as a solution to a pain point and have a firm understanding of the product’s features and benefits. Customers who already own the product may learn how to gain more from it, such as through additional features or add-ons.

Quality: The video content is directly complemented by the quality. The video becomes more professional and reliable as the production, lighting and sound quality improves.

Editing, visual placement, and writing are also important parts of what constitutes high quality content. Regardless of style, viewer intent and placement, your product video should flow smoothly with natural voice patterns and clear, crisp audio visuals.

Call to Action: A clear call to action is required so that people know what steps to take next. Links or instructions on how to see more details are a useful method to accomplish this.

Time to get started!

It’s clear that product videography should play an important, if not the most important role in any B2C marketing strategy. There is no doubt that video is the most effective form of content on the internet, and the stats back that up. So if you haven’t already dropped everything you’re doing, including reading this blog, to start shooting your own product video’s then there must be something amiss.

If you are lacking the confidence, equipment, time or all of the above to get started, then do not fret. We cant all be expected to have the experience and resources to pull together show-stopping video content overnight. That’s where our team come in.

If you are looking for a way to boost ecommerce sales using product videography but you don’t feel confident about producing that all-important video content on your own, we, at AVC Immedia, are ready to lend a helping hand. We are a corporate videography company with the experience, expertise, and enthusiasm to take on your product video production so you can continue focusing on the bigger picture.

Our creative approach to product videography allows us to showcase your products on screen in the best possible light, building consumer confidence at every stage of the customer journey. Our professional videographers get to know your business, so we can tailor your product videos to your brand and target market. If you’d like to find out more about our product videography services, please email or call our team on 08456 301 635.

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