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AVC Immedia offers audio and visual solutions for offices and the workplace. Whether you’re looking for AV solutions for conference rooms, training videos for your employees, a staff communication and engagement channel for your workplace or another audio or visual service, we can help.

Audio and visual solutions for offices

If you want to prevent disagreements over the choice of radio station in your workplace, or avoid situations where employees isolate themselves by using headphones, a branded music channel tailored to your business could be the answer. The right music mix in your workplace can engage employees and boost productivity. Immedia provides branded audio solutions for office environments, offering expertly curated playlists to improve employee satisfaction and performance. And you’ll never have to listen to another squabble over song choice!

Say goodbye to poor quality audio, pixelated images and squinting at small screens. AVC Immedia provides professional and bespoke AV equipment for offices, conference rooms and video-conferencing suites, helping you take presentations, training and networking to the next level. Our team can create professional videos, animations and other visual content that can be used for promotional or training purposes. Health and safety and induction videos, technical 3D renderings or eye-catching animations: whatever content your organisation needs, AVC Immedia can create it.

Staff communications and engagement

Businesses can also use their AVC Immedia audio channel to communicate important company information through branded audio, podcasts or the use of a live presenter. We offer a range of audio service levels and options to suit all businesses and budgets. A dedicated organisational audio channel can keep employees up-to-date about news and exciting developments that are in the pipeline, making them feel invested and engaged in your operations. Poor and unreliable internal communications are a frequent source of employee dissatisfaction, and can make staff feel cut off from those ‘at the top’. AVC Immedia’s audio visual solutions help leaders and management teams to speak directly to their workforce, closing the gap between employees and their managers. Celebrate special events, awards ceremonies and charity fundraising with live streams that create a buzz right across your business.

If your business operates nationwide or even worldwide, channel content can be localised and streamed in multiple languages across different branches, making the content more relevant and engaging.

Team-building through music

Music brings people together. Listening to the same music in common areas provides employees with a shared experience and builds rapport and engagement between colleagues, leading to improved morale and opening up a space for the sharing of ideas. Headphones in the office can be isolating and have a detrimental impact on communication, whereas branded bespoke audio means your team can get on with their tasks while enjoying tunes together.

Enhance employee well-being

Music stimulates the hippocampus region of the brain, the same area that controls memory and recall, as well as stimulating the release of endorphins that reduce stress and anxiety. Happy employees are healthier and more productive. Nearly 60 per cent of employees said that listening to music at work improves their mental wellbeing, according to research by totaljobs. And research by MusicWorks found that over three-quarters of small and medium-sized enterprise owners said that music increases employee morale. AVC Immedia uses its expertise in music for working in offices to create dynamic, engaging, branded playlists that benefit your staff.

Research shows that 99 per cent of open-plan office workers would improve their productivity by listening to music at work. Yet over a third of workers are not allowed to. Their bosses could be missing out on productivity gains, improved morale and increased camaraderie. Make sure your company isn’t among them.

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"It brightens the day and the office, I would hate to be without it"

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"Working officially until 12pm today but decided as the tunes are so good on Nationwide Live I will stay logged on and will keep the Bluetooth speaker cranked up to loud until 3pm"

Nationwide Building Society Employee - Emma

"Epping are absolutely loving Nationwide Live this morning and sharing the joy with our customers"

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"95% of staff say HSBC Live improves their working environment"

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