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Audio visual content for leisure businesses

Whether you run a chain of gyms or golf clubs, a football stadium or another leisure business, Immedia offers a host of audio and visual solutions for your audience. Our experts take the time to get under the skin of your target market to help you to tap into the value of digital signage, creative visual content, presenter-led radio, background music and branded audio for the leisure sector.

The right tone in the right areas

For leisure businesses, it’s critical that the sound matches the space, the clientele and the experience they’re seeking. Your music needs to fit with the mood, whether that’s upbeat, relaxing or social. Keep it soothing in your yoga classes, spa and reception while you pump out tunes in your gym or before a big match. Create an appealing space that’s pleasant to spend time in, keeping your members coming back for more.

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Background music for gyms, sports and leisure centres

For the areas of your leisure business that are high-energy, you can use your AVC Immedia curated audio channels to up the tempo. Pump up the jam and get your customers feeling energised. Not only does music release endorphins – feel-good hormones – into the brain, the right tunes can also help your guests get the maximum value from their workout. Listening to uptempo music made cyclists pedal further, harder and faster in a study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports. It’s not just cardio either. Stimulating music produced an increase in grip strength in both men and women in a study undertaken by scientists at Brunel University, whereas soothing music produced the opposite effect. Research carried out at Lincoln College found that students listening to music were able to hold a weight for significantly longer than when listening to white noise. It’s no wonder that top athletes like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt are frequently pictured listening to music before their big races.

Want one branded audio channel but different music options depending on the area of your leisure facility? AVC Immedia can help your clients harness the power of the beat with a channel curated especially to match your brand, audience and workout ethos. For example, perhaps you need background music for spa reception areas. Playing serene, gentle tracks in these locations is sure to get your customers in the mood for the relaxing and indulgent treatments awaiting them.

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Hit the right notes for big events

When you’re hosting large-scale events at your stadium, racetrack or other leisure venue, you need music that will get people in the right mindset. Whether it’s a big match, race day or another occasion, AVC Immedia has the perfect playlist for you. Entertain the crowds in concourse areas with tunes that prime them for the spectacle to come. Play on-brand music and messaging throughout the event itself to keep people engrossed in the action.

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Take advantage of our audio and large-screen video solutions to promote season tickets or future events too, and to provide important information to your target audience while they’re in your venue and you have their full attention. You can also harness this technology for community-based communications – whether it’s promoting fundraisers and club charities or doing birthday shoutouts.

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Grab your audience from the get-go with speakers outside your venue to build the atmosphere as people queue, and use robust digital signage equipment at turnstiles and kiosks to display your messaging of choice. You could even link your audio and visual communications using our Radio Vision service for a slick, all-encompassing result.

However you want to entertain and inform the crowds at leisure events, we’ve got the perfect systems for you.

Digital signage and AV equipment for the leisure industry

As well as leisure music, audio advertising and branded messaging, AVC Immedia offers a full suite of audio visual solutions for gyms and sports centres. We can provide and install digital signage that helps customers navigate the space, provides important health and safety information and advertises your other services. We also create bespoke visual content for the leisure sector, including professionally produced videos and animations to promote your brand or event and cross sell your services.

As a leisure business owner, you’re providing the soundtrack to your customers’ spare time – so make sure it’s a good one.

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