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Brand engagement for education sector

AVC Immedia is a sector leader in audio visual content creation, offering a suite of engagement solutions for educational institutions looking to provide information and build cohesion in your community.

Our audio visual content and equipment services can help education providers to communicate with time-poor staff, parents and students in a truly engaging, 21st century way. Immedia can design and produce informative and immersive audio and visual content for educational providers to be played in communal areas.

Our bespoke music and audience engagement channels can create harmonious learning environments that proudly broadcast your institutional ethos and values to help create a community and engage listeners. Our best-in-class video production services can create useful, eye-catching promotional videos for open evenings, courses and your website. Our audio visual equipment services provide bespoke solutions for fitting out classrooms, halls, lecture theatres and social spaces with quality speaker systems, interactive digital signage and LED walls

Sound and signage solutions for student communications

Create communities in your institution with branded videos that can be played in social areas, common rooms and canteens at schools, colleges and universities. Digital content and signage for schools can be used to educate and engage your students in the life of your institution and encourage them to get involved. Your digital signage, LED walls or audio channels can be used to:

  • promote upcoming trips, events and charity fundraisers
  • encourage students to try out for the football club, audition for the school play or bake for the cake sale
  • remind them of rules and expected standards of behaviour
  • provide a lifeline for struggling students by signposting to support services

AVC Immedia will work with you to achieve the perfect placement and to curate content that meets the needs of your cohort.

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Engage teachers and students

Keep the staff room sweet with soothing sounds to encourage focus, relieve stress and provide a background for productivity. Immedia can create bespoke audio channels tailored to your institutional ethos. As well as audio, use digital signage or videos in the staff room to keep teachers up to date by letting them know about important deadlines, training information, CPD opportunities and recent successes, without filling up already overloaded email inboxes.

Expertly-planned audio digital content for schools can also be ideal if you want to create a relaxed atmosphere in reception and common room areas.

Use the power of audio to unite and engage students too. Immedia can create a bespoke community channel to help bring students together and promote a sense of cohesion. This is a great way to inform students of facilities, events and activities. You might want to include podcasts to further boost engagement and knowledge-sharing. 

Pester-free parent communications

AVC Immedia’s digital signage solutions for education offer an ideal way to communicate with parents at drop off and pick up. Highlight your stars of the week, celebrate good attendance, promote upcoming events and trips and offer gentle reminders about uniform, homework, absence and lateness policies. Both parents and teachers are often extremely busy at the beginning and end of the school day. Allow class teachers to focus on interacting with students as they arrive, by using digital signage to reduce the burden on them as conduits of information.

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Digital content for colleges and schools

AVC Immedia has an expert team of professional creatives specialising in engaging and informative audio visual content. Show off your school in professional videos that can be placed on your website, social media and screened to parents, students and governors. Create animations for college course recruitment. Offer a technical 3D rendering or an augmented reality vision of your new campus expansion to impress prospective students, parents and funders. AVC Immedia can advise on the right media to fit your message and turn your ideas into exciting and educational visual content.

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Digital signage, LED walls and AV equipment for education

Get top marks for your learning environment with digital signage that helps people find their way around your school or college campus, promotes upcoming events, showcases the work of your students and celebrates the achievements of your staff. Digital signage can help to make corridors come alive with community spirit. Our installations experts can assess your premises, design AV solutions to suit your space and make recommendations for the best equipment to suit your requirements and budget.

For larger colleges and universities, digital signage can be an invaluable communication tool for ‘arrival weekends’ and ‘welcome weeks’. It can be used to help organisations to greet and orientate students and their parents as they arrive, point them in the right direction, and dispense essential information about life on campus. Interactive digital signage can incorporate touch-screen maps and essential site information, including accessibility and health and safety, as well as promotions. Universities and large colleges can go super-size with LED walls and big screens for outside impact, putting on public screenings, promotional videos for open days and signposting students to essential services like the library, student finance and wellbeing support.

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