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Brand engagement is more than a buzzword. It can make or break a business.

AVC Immedia has over 20 years of expertise in creating immersive customer experiences that engage and enthrall. Our award-winning brand engagement consultancy services can help you build brand loyalty, keep customers returning, increase sales and retain employees. We specialise in audio, visual and digital content for brands across a huge range of sectors. We work with clients big, small and in-between to design creative solutions to all sorts of unique problems. Our expert team can offer guidance on audio and music branding, in-store radio, digital signage and audio equipment to help you create unforgettable engagements with customers and staff.

In short, you can see us as your one-stop-shop for music consultancy, audio visual services and brand engagement strategy and implementations.

We have won awards for our services and work closely with our customers acting as an extension to their inhouse teams. Leading brands such as Subway, Ikea, Nationwide and o2 have all created customer engagement strategies with AVC Immedia’s brand engagement solutions.

"The whole of Immedia have customer service and satisfaction at the heart of everything they do. Not only that we set certain high expectations Immedia has delivered it and really delivered a best in class solution"


Good advice starts with sound research

One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to audio visual content. With first class experience and access to millions of up to the minute tracks, you will not receive standard, uninspiring background music CDs from us. Our team of brand engagement professionals get involved to really understand your business. We dig deep into your demographic, getting to know their likes, dislikes, lifestyles, values and attitudes. We’ll visit your branches, learning what makes your organisation tick and discovering the unique aspects of your brand. Our work is always evidence-based and underpinned by careful research into the psychology of audio branding, as well as our years of experience in content creation.

Get it right from the start

AVC Immedia can join your brand at any stage in your journey to harness the power of audio and vision for customer experience impact. However, we find that we can add the most value when our clients get us involved during the store refit or even the build stage. This way, we are able to consult on the best placement, positioning and specification for your AV equipment. It would be a shame to have killer curated playlists and dazzling graphics if your equipment lets you down with weak sound, poor image quality or is obscured by other fixtures and fittings. Whether you’re looking to kit out one flagship location, a worldwide chain of branches or prepare for an event, AVC Immedia’s consultation service can design, source and install your equipment, then take care of content that captures the audience’s attention.

Monitoring and evaluation

Live streaming audio means we have visibility across your whole estate, and we have a dedicated client services team who are there to ensure your service is online and available when you need it. We also have content managers who make sure you are getting optimal use of your channel with fresh, up to the minute music and information. As well as this, we can consult to plan seasonal campaigns, improve staff communications or to localise content to different markets or branches with different demographics. If you have app integration, we will report on numbers and engagement levels too.

Our specialists harness in-depth industry expertise to unlock information that helps you to understand and successfully engage with your audience. This means you can trust us to help you stay in the loop with your target demographic at all times, allowing you to get your branding and communications just right.

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