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Audio and visual content for banks

"Epping are absolutely loving Nationwide Live this morning and sharing the joy with our customers"


Financial services branches today need to be hubs for engagement, conversation and problem-solving. AVC Immedia’s expert audio visual engagement solutions for banking can help banks, building societies and other financial institutions transform their customer experience from drab to fab.

Soundtrack to success: background music for banks

AVC Immedia curates branded music channels and presenter-led radio for banks and building societies. Fine-tuning your in-branch audio with hand-selected, brand-appropriate music guarantees consistency across branches and upholds your professional, expert brand image.  Expertly-curated music for banks can reduce stress and anxiety in your staff and customers alike. But the benefits of having your own soundtrack stretch far beyond that. AVC Immedia works with some of the best in the business to produce bespoke audio solutions for banking.

Mortgages, money and melodies: music for building societies

In the era of online services, the branch experience has never been more important for building societies. Research from the Social Market Foundation (SMF) found that nearly two-thirds of people prefer to talk face-to-face when making a big financial decision. While respondents were happy doing everyday money management online, for longer-term financial decisions such as mortgages and savings advice, they usually visited a branch. For those important moments, those crossroads in your clients’ lives, making your branches a welcoming and pleasant place to be is essential. AVC Immedia provides a range of audio visual content services for building societies including in-branch audio, digital signage and AV equipment.

Staff training

Many of our clients find that one of the biggest boons of presenter-led radio in their branches actually come outside trading hours. Live audio channels let you communicate with your staff about training and upcoming events, and provide an opportunity to celebrate their successes. Educate them on the latest promotions and keep them in touch with the top with interviews with the CEO and department heads. Then get them fired up for the working day. Music helps staff feel happy, and a study by CBS News found that 90 per cent of workers improved their performance when listening to music at work. See how Immedia created a bespoke, presenter-led branded radio channel for Nationwide to engage and enliven employees and customers in a building society setting.

Discover Our Nationwide Success Story
Audio promotions and branding

Whether through 30-second advertising spots or diving in-depth with a presenter-led, conversational approach, your bespoke audio channel can be tailored to promote new products and services to customers in-branch. Raise awareness of the unique services that your bank or building society offers through audio promotions. Hear how banking giant HSBC uses their AVC Immedia audio channel HSBC Live! to get the word out about their latest offers and to engage customers.

Discover Our HSBC Success Story
Hold conversations in private

Money can be a sensitive subject. Finances are deeply personal, and customers usually want to talk to staff in privacy and confidence. Music and audio can mask conversations in-branch, putting everyone at ease in a subtle, understated way. Your customers feel more secure to talk and your staff can do their job quickly and efficiently. Music can help you to make better use of the floor space in your branch as you may not need to find private areas for every conversation.

"Working officially until 12pm today but decided as the tunes are so good on Nationwide Live I will stay logged on and will keep the Bluetooth speaker cranked up to loud until 3pm"

Nationwide Building Society - Employee

"It brightens the day and the office, I would hate to be without it"

HSBC Employee

"95% of staff say that HSBC Live! Radio improves their work environment."

HSBC Employee

"Loving the Nationwide Live Radio! Such a fun idea, I hope it sticks around!!"

Nationwide Building Society Employee

"It disguises conversations between ourselves and customers…it makes it more confidential"

HSBC Employee

Reduce perceptions of wait times

No one likes to be left hanging. But with one-to-one services like finance, it can be difficult to manage queues and wait times. When staff members are busy, AVC Immedia’s audio visual solutions can help to keep your customers feel at ease while they wait. Research published in the International Journal of Bank Marketing discusses how anger and frustration are more likely at bank branches and financial institution service centres than other service contact points. However, clients will wait more patiently and feel more positively about the service received if they are listening to music that they like, according to an international study published in the Journal of Retailing. Familiar, up-tempo music is best at reducing perceived waiting times. However, the best choices will depend on your target demographic, time of day and typical waiting time – Immedia’s audio team are experts and can research and plan your outputs to match the mood and get maximum benefit from your channel.

Video content and digital signage can provide additional distractions through branded graphics and informative visuals whilst helping to up-sell and cross sell services. Interactive digital signage screens can be installed to help customers self-sort into the right service or to entertain younger customers while their parents talk with your staff.

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