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Bring your brand to life and set yourself apart from the competition. Engage with your audience through in-store music, targeted audio and visual communications, digital signage and more. No repeats, access to millions of tracks specific to your audience demographics.

Create an omni-channel communication experience with integration into your brand's shopping app to increase dwell time and consumer engagement.

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JD X integrated app solution

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IKEA in-store solution

Banking & Building Societies

Trust and transparency in the financial sector is extremely important. Branch visits are usually driven through necessity rather than desire therefore the customer experience is even more important. It can be difficult to get complex financial information across in innovative ways - AVC Immedia offers proven solutions to drive customer engagement and build enjoyable customer experiences.

Banking & Building Societies - Discover More
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Car brands have distinctive identities which are carefully incorporated into everything - car design, showrooms, advertising and even the people who represent them - their employees. A disappointing showroom experience can change this perception. Don't risk promoting the competition with local radio or driving customers out with annoying, off-brand music.
AVC Immedia offers award winning music to engage and inform your specific customer demographic, with localised or seasonal promotional audio messages and brand communications. We have access to millions of tracks and no repetition.

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Discover BMW/MINI's Solution


Whether you're a global coffee shop brand, quick service restaurant chain or hotel group AVC Immedia provides proven audio and visual content solutions to enhance the customer experience and create an enjoyable on-brand atmosphere.
With our localised content you can engage your audience on a local level - no matter where in the world.
Want to engage, inform and make employees feel valued? Immedia has a range of solutions specifically for employee engagement to drive productivity and team work.

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Discover Subway's Solution


Image is everything within the hair and beauty sector. Set your brand apart from the competition with an audio and visual brand experience your customers will remember and your employees will be proud to be part of. Engage, inform and entertain.
Nominated for an award or running a special event? AVC Immedia's solutions are all LIVE enabling a presenter to take over the music channel for these events to drive engagement. Speak to us today about our employee hour solution to increase productivity, engage with targeted training and feel part of a company wide team.

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The demands of working in the Energy and Utilities sector can be challenging with employees based far away from their families for long periods of time - on and off shore. It is important for them to feel connected and part of a community - no matter where they are.
Our dedicated audio and visual content solutions have won awards for creative communications that engage, inform and entertain these unique audiences.

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Whether you are an international sports federation like FIFA, a chain of gyms or ice-rinks AVC Immedia offers award-winning audio and visual content solutions proven to drive brand engagement.

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Newmachar Driving Range Video

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Watch the FIFA video


Booking a holiday is an important and enjoyable time for customers. Playing the right music and communicating in the right way in-branch can enhance the holiday mood, helping customers to decide where to make a booking. Promote relevant products and services with branded audio and visual marketing communications across your entire estate no matter where on the globe whether in-branch, in customer contact centres or in flights apps. AVC Immedia can also localise communications to suit your audience with multilingual services.

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Visit Aberdeenshire : Cruise Video

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Stagecoach Tour Video


AVC Immedia has a range of solutions to help government organisation such as schools, councils, or armed forces to engage with their audience.
So whether you want to increase enrolment at your university with a promotional video or want to bring the student community together with a bespoke communication channel – AVC Immedia has the skills and solutions to deliver.

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University Promo video


There are many benefits to providing a dedicated on-brand music channel or presenter led radio station within workplaces for both business owners and employees.

A dedicated channel informs employees of organisational news, products and service development, whilst reinforcing the business culture and increasing overall company engagement. Often communications filter down unreliably through organisations; employees can often feel disconnected from the top management team. Our solutions enable business leaders to address employees directly, closing the management gap, making employees feel valued, connected and informed.

Special event coming up, company anniversary or fund raising? Stream it LIVE across the entire business to create a buzz, engagement and support.

Enabling employees to make requests and shout out to colleagues makes them feel like an owner of the channel not just listeners. Music has additional scientific benefits! Music is not only known to help employees focus while working, it improves memory and alleviates stress and anxiety by stimulating the hippocampus region of the brain increasing those happy endorphins.

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