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We recently realised, we’ve written a lot of audio based blogs lately but none of them truly tell you much about our own amazing team of presenters that host our client’s bespoke radio shows.

So following that, we decided to create a mini blog series with a set of questions and do just that! so you can find out a bit more about the incredible, talented presenters that bring our bespoke radio to life for clients, Starting with the lovely Steph Nieuwenhuys!

Steph started presenting at her university radio station! (when she was around or 18/19 years old). She then continued presenting with voluntary community radio and then in 2014 at the age of 27, officially got her first on air presenting job!

What do you love about your job?

I love chatting! And I’m very lucky I get to do it as my job! It was always the thing that came up on my school reports – ‘Steph is capable, she could just focus a bit more and not be so distracted by chatting!’ Now I’ve made it into a living! Plus I love hearing from listeners and what’s happening in their lives … whether it’s a celebration, anniversary, a special time, sharing their stories gives me a huge buzz.

Career Highlight?

My career highlight has to be DJ’ing at Lord’s to 30,000 people! This was for the explosive cricket tournament The Hundred! As official Southern Brave DJ with BBC Introducing, I soundtrack the team!

First record you ever bought?

I’m (ashamed) to say the first CD I was given as a Christmas present was Whigfield Saturday Night!!!!!!!!! (Head in hands) And yes I can do the whole routine, available on request.

Guilty Pleasure?

B*witched C’est La Vie – I’ve got a great dance routine (bought out after a few wines)!? There seems to be a common theme here with dance routines! I remember creating a dance with friends at school, you can’t help but smile when this song comes on!

If you weren’t a radio presenter what would you be?

I did a lot of ballet, tap and modern dancing when I was younger and would have loved to be a dancer if I wasn’t a radio presenter! BUT what I really wanted to do was become a vet! I was obsessed with Vets in Practise and had animal posters all over every inch of my bedroom walls!