Meet the Presenters! featuring Michaela Power

28 September 2022

Following our first blog in this ‘Meet the presenter’ series with Steph Nieuwenhuys, we now have our second blog this time featuring Michaela Power who started her presenting career in 1998!

Read on to find out more about Michaela, who is part of our amazing team of presenters that host our client’s bespoke radio shows.

What do you love about your job?

I love that my job keeps me interested in absolutely everything! I’m constantly absorbing news, music releases and events. I love talking to people and listening to stories about their lives, so I read lots of autobiographies. I suppose what I love the most is getting that email or call from someone saying they’re loving the show, the music, or hearing their shout-out. That little connection means so much.

Career Highlight?

There are so many highlights and so many great experiences along the way. But I have to say the pinnacle of my career, and anyone’s, I’d imagine, has got to be… working with Barry from EastEnders. I co-hosted an event in Bristol with Shaun Williamson and he was absolutely hilarious. Fortunately, Janine wasn’t in attendance, so Barry survived to the end of the show.

First record you ever bought?

I was incredibly fortunate to grow up with an uncle in the music business, meaning we had access to all sorts of records from a very early age. My uncle worked for RCA, so we had an endless stream of vinyl landing on the doorstep. I think I bought Hi-Gloss, You’ll Never Know because it was on Epic. It cost about 50p.

Guilty Pleasure?

I think I’ve already outed myself with Hi-Gloss! Eek.

If you weren’t a radio presenter what would you be?

I once sat with the soul artist Jocelyn Brown in the dressing room of a club where she was about to perform. She’s incredibly talented and accomplished and I couldn’t quite believe that we were having a conversation. I asked her what she’d have been if she didn’t sing and she said she’d probably have been a teacher. I think I might do the same.

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