Meet the Presenters! featuring Louise Chandler

28 October 2022

Continuing our ‘Meet the presenter’ series, our next presenter to feature is Louise Chandler!

Did you know, Louise started her presenting career back in 2006 at BBC Radio Berkshire? To find out more from Louise, continue reading!

What do you love about your job?

Radio was my dream job as a teenager but I didn’t want to present shows on air – something that changed when radio bosses realised I was a chatterbox. I love and enjoy the combination of technology (the radio desk) and chat. I’m always fascinated with the studio setting that helps us to broadcast to thousands of people across the UK.

In today’s world of distractions and busy lifestyles, radio is my favourite platform. It connects with people one-to-one, in a simple and relatable. It’s friendly, informal yet useful. It is a privilege to be a part of the industry for 20+ years!! I enjoy having fun with radio that makes me (and hopefully) listeners giggle to inject some energy and fun into topics. I am also a BIG music enthusiast. I love all types of music and radio gives me a chance to indulge so I can hear all genres, artists and styles from the across the decades that makes me smile and hum along.

Career Highlight?

Interviewing Candi Stanton, singer of ‘young hearts run free’. Candi told me about the inspiration behind the song and how it was recorded. She was very friendly and it was great to meet someone who sings such a popular song that we all know!

First record you ever bought?

Erm it was Paul McCartney, The Frogs Song (we all stand together) – and I still have it!!

Guilty Pleasure?

One Direction – Drag me down! The words and sentiment are great so I’ll happily sing it loud whenever it comes on

If you weren’t a radio presenter what would you be?

My other calling is to be a chef! I LOVE cooking – bringing together different flavours, textures and ingredients to make something delicious and I always enjoy trying new food that inspires my kitchen creations!

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