Live and Kicking

25 June 2021


What were you doing on the 18th of June this year?

I know what I was up to. Id spent the day overseeing our channelsbuild up to the England v Scotland game in the Euros (don’t miss the best football anthems ever!) and ribbed my English colleagues about the drubbing they could expect.  At 8pm, settled down with my family to watch THE match.

These days where we can all sit in one room looking at our phones and consuming our own choice of media so there was something special about that day. The communal anticipation of what could happen, the shared highs and lows as the match played out and the intense discussion afterwards.

It felt like people had stopped watching different things, recorded at different times and looked up instead. It felt like almost everyone was experiencing the same event… LIVE.

Live is something we love at AVC Immedia. There isnt a big football match to get excited about every day but there are so many experiences to share live. If the weather is great our live services reflect that, not just by playing summery music but by talking about it and bringing the sweltering audience into the discussions too. Ahead of a bank holiday weekend we can bring in that feeling of excitement and fun that people are experiencing.

On our workplace audio channels we cover award ceremonies live, bring big announcements to entire workforces and broadcast must-listen live interviews with CEOs and senior business leaders.

As well as the shared experiences, with live broadcasts theres also that wonderful feeling that you dont quite know what will happen next. Thats why the top 5 most watched tv programmes last year were all live broadcasts. We knew what they would be about but we didnt know what would happen in them.

Being live enables maximum flexibility. We can be led by our audiences. A single listener story can take the output on an unexpected and unplanned journey as other listeners react and follow up.

When major news events happen, being live, we are able to react instantly, changing our tone and reflecting the mood right away. Were able to gauge our audiencesthoughts in real-time and keep adapting our output to make sure its hitting the right spot as emotions change.

Compare the feeling of excitement on the day England played Scotland to the rather more mundane feeling of watching an old YouTube video you quite like. Thats the power of live, and we love it.

Written by Euan McMorrow, Content Director at AVC Immedia

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