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Things are different these days, and I recognize this isn’t fresh news. We aren’t gathering, travelling, eating out, working, or just plain living the same way we have for most of our lives.

Some of the changes are welcome (hello working with dogs!), some not so much – “Can you unmute? Can you hear me? I think there’s a lag.” And if I have to have one more virtual happy hour, so help me…

But has anyone else noticed how much more the little things mean? We’re home, so we see the sunset, we get the extra time in the morning for another cup of coffee. Taking a daily walk isn’t a luxury, it’s now part of our routine. We’re having the time to make a beautiful meal on Tuesday, and not just heat up some leftovers.  These are things I hope we all stand up for in our new normal as part of a healthy, balanced way of living – not as “nice to haves”, or things that only happen when you have “extra” time.

Having been absolutely nowhere in over a year now, I was delighted to recently be offered the use of a friend’s RV. No strings, no plans, just I’ll drop it off and you can stay in it. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance. I can work anywhere! As long as I have Wi-Fi, I’m golden! So, I loaded up my bags, bought a few groceries and moved myself into the “Cougar”, which was parked in a field in Round Top, TX.

For close to two weeks, I woke up in a bed I was too long for, showered in a low-pressure stall that all my limbs didn’t quite fit in, and folded my clothes in half to accommodate the tiny closet. AND IT WAS GLORIOUS! The freedom of being able to look out the window and see a field of wildflowers while simultaneously drafting a press release is unlike any other.

Yes, I disconnected and left the Cougar to mingle with the locals (population of 90), poke around and forage for margaritas. But the lightness imparted by the ability to earn money while still enjoying a mini vacation is revolutionary!

I returned home (showered at length) and booked my first “real” vacation for this September – buoyed by the enthusiasm from my adventures and reminded of what actual travel might feel like again.

Despite the lack of passport, this little jaunt was exactly what I needed. And I was not just reminded, but nearly shook with the realization that we must recharge – whatever that looks like for now, and that there’s always something to be grateful for – we just have to adjust our perspectives.

Kacey White

Business Development Executive for AVC Immedia

Houston, Texas, USA.