International Women’s Day 2022

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8 March 2022

It’s International Women’s Day today and we’re celebrating that with a lot of activity on our Nationwide Live service.

It is a source of pride to us at AVC Immedia that Nationwide Live is a channel delivered predominantly by women.
Steph Nieuwenhuys and Michaela Power are the public face of Nationwide Live, when the channel was set up, someone told me we shouldn’t have an all female presenting team. I can’t imagine Nationwide Live without Steph and Michaela’s talents and expertise at the head of it.
Helen Warner runs the content on the channel in conjunction with Emma at Nationwide, the feedback is almost 100% positive, it hits the mark for Nationwide’s customers and staff. It’s heard in 600+ branches across the UK due to a massive rollout programme run by Lauren Qurrey.
Without women at the heart of it, Nationwide Live wouldn’t be what it is today.
It’s a very small part of what needs to be achieved in the workplace and in the world but we should have pride that we have that in our business.


Written by Ross Penney, CEO of AVC Immedia.

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