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Sunday the 19th of June is a very special day when we celebrate dads, step-dads, adoptive dads, grandads, god fathers, fathers-in-law, new dads, expecting dads, honorary dads and dads no longer with us who we miss very much.  Here are the AVC Immedia team’s favourite Father’s Day musical memories…

Euan McMorrow – Content Director

The Beautiful South – Don’t Marry Her.

My dad heard a lot of the Beautiful South on the radio – he loved the cheeky catchy lyrics and melodic tunes – he asked my mum for their album for Christmas – everyone went round to their house of Christmas dinner include his mum, my gran, at the time a 90 year old solid church-goer – first couple of songs OK, then on comes Don’t Marry Her… my dad had only heard the radio edit before… the version on the album was… let’s just say VERY not gran appropriate.

Lauren Querry – Head Of Business Support

Boston – More Than a Feeling

A memory that will always stay with me is driving back from golf training every Saturday morning with my dad listening to Boston – more than a feeling – to the point where I couldn’t hear myself think and I absolutely LOVED IT!

John Trevorrow – Finance Director

Dionne Warwick – Do You Know the Way to San Jose

My Dad, now passed away, had an array of music. This ranged at one end of Black Sabbath (Every song they ever performed) to Dionne Warwick (Do you know the way to San Jose plus many others), depending upon his mood. He also enjoyed Acker Bilk and for the classical side, Gustav Holst ‘The Planets’. I wish that my appreciation was even part way to being as wide as his.

Sophie Gellender - Marketing Executive

Dire Straits – Walk of Life 

For me, it will always be reggae as a genre in general (especially Bob Marley stuff) but also Dire Straits that reminds me of him, regularly he would play their songs in the car/at home and if one came on the radio it instantly had the volume whacked up! Cooking, driving etc. it didn’t matter, it got the volume whacked right up. If cooking then often my dad could be heard having the time of his life singing along, and if driving (to accompany the singing) his fingers would tap the steering wheel to the guitar solo’s as he drove along happy as larry. Fond memories!

My first ever concert/ gig was actually going with my parents to the Royal Albert Hall to see Mark Knopfler perform there live, I’m really glad I went looking back now! Seeing his guitar solo live was pretty impressive stuff, he makes the guitar truly sing.

Ross Penney – CEO

Tom Sawyer – Rush

My Dad isn’t a music lover, so my son Sam tells me for him it’s Rush – Tom Sawyer 😊

Stephanie Nieuwenhuys – Presenter

Fleetwood Mac – The Chain

For me it has to be Fleetwood Mac and ‘The Chain.’ Mum and Dad were big fans, so much so, they named their first born (me!) after the lead singer! To my family I’m Stevie!

Dad was always playing music everywhere! But I remember particularly in the car, everything from Black Sabbath to Hall and Oats to Steely Dan, Rolling Stones and of course Fleetwood Mac. ‘The Chain’ also being the iconic Grand Prix soundtrack , as keen F1 fans, this was always turned up on a Sunday afternoon as the coverage began! Good memories.

Helen Warner – Client and Content Manager

U2 – Red Hill Mining Town

I’m going to be choosing my husband Colin who has a (mildly unnerving) obsession with U2.  Poppy (our daughter) must be the only child who knew all the words to Red Hill Mining Town by the age of 4 and she still loves belting it out on car journeys!

Gemma Chaloner – Business Support Manager

Squeeze – Up The Junction

I used to stay with my dad at the weekends as a kid and I remember listening mostly to Pat Benatar and Squeeze, amongst many other things.

Pat Benatar I was amazed by, my dad had a VHS of a live concert of hers. I used to watch it every Saturday and Sunday morning, my dad said he used to wake up to me sat right in front of the tv and watching it as quietly as possible as I didn’t want to wake him and my sister. Songs that spring to mind the most, Love is a battlefield and We belong.

We listened to Squeeze in the car and home very often and they were my first ever concert, with my Dad. I was 7 and I remember the lady next to us being amazed that I knew the words to every song of theirs. Up the Junction reminds me a lot of my dad, I thought it was a cool song and that he was cool too. My dad, sister and I used to sing Cool for cats a lot too so sticks in my mind.

Rob Hancock - Animation Team Lead

The Shadows – Apache

This was my dads favourite!

Angus Turner - Video & Animation Manager

David Bowie – Jump They Say

My dad is probably the biggest David Bowie fan you’ll come across, so my younger years consisted of being inadvertently brain washed with most of his extensive Bowie back catalogue. On reflection perhaps it was an advertent move by him in the hope that both my brother and I would continue his love for the man!

I remember the day the news broke of his passing, both my brother and I heard the news separately travelling to work on the radio and phoned him at the same time to see if he’d heard the news and to see if he was okay!!

Even since his passing Bowie memorabilia still makes its way into birthday and Christmas presents to my dad from both my brother and I.

One of the songs that sticks in my mind is a lesser known song by Bowie…Jump They Say, I have fond memories of climbing onto a chair (in a room in the house where my dad had his stereo system that he used to retire to for some relaxation time to get his Bowie fix, it was also the scene of many an early morning wake up call as we’d be awoken by his rendition of Ziggy Stardust and the like) and jumping off with much enthusiasm when the chorus kicked in with ‘Jump…’