Facebook will overtake Youtube as the biggest Video Platform

Facebook will overtake Youtube as the biggest Video Platform


This bold prediction caught our eye placing Original content creation at the top of most marketers 2018 To Do lists


Facebook has been doubling down on Video content for years now leaving the likes of Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn miles behind. But a $1 billion investment in Facebook Watch is the biggest move of the poker chips yet


As news feeds get congested with video content on an hourly basis, Original “branded” content that viewers actively seek out to consume is a sure fire way to fight through the noise


All Social Platforms and Media giants are fighting over exclusivity to showcase this original content. Netflix, Amazon and Youtube had led the way but Facebook and Apple are hot on the heels


Real Madrid’s 8 episode behind the scenes documentary will air exclusively on Facebook Watch. Even Bill Murray is getting in on the act with a series of comedy shows


This type of content will turn the marketing dept into a profit centre. The content brands produce in the “original” space will open the doors to multiple options to monetise. From Customers or  the platforms


Simply put, create original content that your audience will seek out and watch the trust and money follow