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Future of Retail features an interesting article this month by Mark King discussing ‘Driving Traffic and Conversion Through Customer Engagement’ referencing Immedia very own partner JD Sports.

“Stores are the perfect place to bring brands to life. With engaged customers it’s easier to ramp up conversions…”

Should we be facing back in love with bricks-and-mortar space? Certainly, the bar in-store customer engagement is being raised all along the high street. They’re calling it the ‘Retail Renaissance’, a term which is thankfully replacing Armageddon’ in 2018’s industry parlance.”

“There’s no denying that traditional retail is under intense pressure, and that the sector is undergoing change the like of which hasn’t been seen since the industrial revolution. So, there is an urgent need for traditional retailers to outdo online competitors by offering incredible levels of engagement in stores, as well as operational efficiency that will keep costs under control, and shoppers loyal.”


“We see JD Sports delighting its customer base with prestigious athleisure brands, the latest in-store tech and lighting, and DJs popping in to provide a dynamic look, feel and sound. Down the road at value-led Primark, price continues to be the incredibly engaging, but the retailer is also cleverly keeping pace with mobile-obsessed shoppers and now using its massive 5.7million Instagram following to create conversations and drive shopper traffic into stores.”

“The specialist team at Immedia have the skills, knowhow and experience to enhance your individual brands customer experience, in-store and in app. Our expertly curated in-store music, in-store background music, marketing communications, ¬†audio or visually with 3D,2D, video, ¬†animation or virtual reality solutions and more. Speak to our team today for an award winning solution.”

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