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27 May 2022

Our current strapline is “Audio visual communication for brands”.

Accurate yes, but a bit boring.  I’m writing today about the changes we will soon be implementing to the way we talk about ourselves.

What is it that AVC Immedia does?  We make content for brands.

So what?

A better question is why we make content for brands.  Let’s leave aside some obvious answers (we get paid for it, we’re good at it, we enjoy it) and focus on what we really do.

Our content – whether audio or visual – is based on deep engagement with our clients and thorough knowledge of the problems they need to solve and the messages they want to get across.  We create content that communicates key messages to our clients’ customers.  If we get the communication right (and our huge expertise and experience means we usually do) then we’re responsible for creating a meaningful connection between a client brand and its audience.

That’s what we do!  We create content that makes a connection with an audience. That content generates an emotional response: “this feels right”. The content fits the client brand values and delivers the message in just the right way.

We create content that is used to communicate an emotional connection.  That’s why AVC Immedia’s new brand identifier is:

“Create. Communicate. Connect”

You’ll see this adopted in our email and social media profiles as of next week (30th May).  In a few months, this phrase will also be the anchor of our new website.

Rather than a list of what we do (so what?!) we will show how we do things (deep engagement and understanding of client issues) and why clients should engage with us.

At AVC Immedia we take huge pains to understand the issues clients want to solve without prejudging or working off a one size fits all template. Because we work this way, we largely avoid competitive tenders and other price driven competition as we are not playing to our strengths.  Our best work starts when we have in depth conversations to understand what the problem is.

I will update you as we develop our business communication to better show how and why we do what we do.


Written by Ross Penney, CEO at AVC Immedia.

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