Continuous Growth at AVC Immedia

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11 November 2020

Continuous Growth At AVC Immedia

AVC Immedia is pleased to announce that Euan McMorrow’s title has been changed to  Content Director.  

Euan says “It’s a cliché, but I feel very privileged. Content is at the heart of what we do at AVC Immedia so being asked to lead the team and direction of our output is a big responsibility. 2020 has been a challenging year on so many levels but showed us just how important the right content is. In the space of a week our client’s needs completely changed, at the same time we were working under conditions that we’d never had to before. With some agile thinking and quick innovation, we were able to deliver what was needed and, in the process, created some of the best work we’ve ever produced at AVC Immedia.” 

Euan joined us back in November 2014, initially to work on a two new channel projects, and has been a part of the team ever since. After getting those projects off the ground it became obvious that there were so many other content areas where Euan could add value and bring his experience to.  

 Looking back on joining the team, Euan said “I was lucky to be given the space to look at the big picture. What we do can be remarkably complex and technical, but my job is often to look at things from the outside and work out the most effective ways to delight the audiences. We have a real ethos at AVC Immedia of putting the audience first and I’ve loved driving that part of what we do.” 

"It’s a cliché, but I feel very privileged. Content is at the heart of what we do at AVC Immedia so being asked to lead the team and direction of our output is a big responsibility"

"There are no egos involved; the best ideas win rather than the loudest voice. We then have a team that can turn those ideas into a first-class reality."

The passion for the audio industry goes back a long way for Euan. As a kid, he wanted to present the breakfast show on the radio in Glasgow. On his journey, he discovered he wasn’t ever going to be a great DJ but had a knack for producing and coaching the on-air talent. Euan started working in audio at Radio Clyde in Glasgow before moving to England where he worked as a Programme Director for stations in Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Leeds. Euan went on to win many awards along the way, including being named Radio Programmer of the Year at the Sony Awards in 2010. On his journey, he even managed to present the breakfast show in Glasgow for a while! 

 Everyday Euan’s challenge is a creative one, he explained “I thrive on ideas and turning them into the best possible content. I’m surrounded by people who are similarly driven so we can have great creative discussions all day long. There are no egos involved; the best ideas win rather than the loudest voice. We then have a team that can turn those ideas into a first-class reality. Every day I’m creating something new, whether that’s working on one of our live channels or developing something for the future. I’m a huge music fan too, so when a large part of my job is making sure we’re playing the right music for our clients then I’m in heaven!”

Euan continued to explain how varied and unique his role at AVC Immedia truly can be “We pride ourselves on making every piece of content we do bespoke for our clients which works for me, as I love the variety. One day I can be working with a corporate communications team to help get some fairly serious safety updates across to their workforce, the next I can be listening to the music that’s currently trending with German teenagers and deciding which of those will go on our playlists.” 

We asked Euan what top tips he would give to anyone else wanting to get into the audio industry, he said that “My two favourite tips I ever got worked for me so they’re worth passing on:

  1. Think about the audience ALL THE TIME – the only way to have effective content is to think about the audience – forget your own personal preferences, or what you think is cool or will win awards. Think about who the audience is and what they want. Then give it to them in the clearest way possible.
  2. Don’t copy anyone or anything. We all have influences, but carbon copies go nowhere. Work out what it is you like about the content that impresses you. Then work out how to do it your way, look at the most successful names and formats in any branch of entertainment – they’re unique, they don’t copy anyone or anything else.

Looking forwards to the exciting future of the audio industry and potential trends, Euan commented “I think people are getting tuned in to audio in a way they haven’t been in a long time. 90% of the UK listen to the radio each week despite all the other media choices they have. Podcast listening is on the up and people are again realising how multi-faceted and effective audio communication can be. Plus, with everything that’s happened over 2020 people are realising that a human voice in your ear can become a friend and offer a bit of companionship. There’s also the advance in the technology, every one of us has a content generation tool in our pockets in the form of a mobile phone and broadcast ability with 4G and Wi-Fi. We’re only just starting to see the real benefits of what that means. I can get a contributor on air from the other side of the world in crystal clear quality. I can turn around an important message at 11pm within an hour, only a couple of years ago that would have taken days.” 

 This new title change for Euan comes at an exciting time for the business of growth and change and we wish Euan every success, we’re sure that Euan will continue to prove his value to the team with bigger and better things for 2021! 

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