When everything you thought was set in stone, BANG, change in a single blow.



The future is unknown… we all know that. This can also be said for the upcoming highly anticipated fight between Mayweather and McGregor. From a digital perspective, what we are seeing is essentially the demand of the audience pushing two industry’s in to one almighty explosion, never been seen before, now that’s a term not said lightly because it’s extremely rare. What is proving to be just as interesting is how the audience now craves for specific content to be generated.

How is the audience changing the broadcast industry? Ever heard the saying ‘give people what they want? The customer is always the most important part in the mix as businesses learn to adapt to their demands and tailor to upcoming trends. Well, this weekend, the promoters and stakeholders in Mayweather v McGregor have done exactly that and WOW has it worked in their favour!

Are people watching the fight because they want to see their talents and skills? The answer is probably not. The fight is so popular because the audience wants to see two worlds clashing for the first time with strong personalities from vastly different backgrounds and cultures coming head to head in the ring and to watch an unknown outcome. However, the curiosity of the audience won’t stop in the ring, it’s been the lead up to the fight and the inevitable aftermath as well.  One question, a new question is also being posed: “how are you going to watch the fight?” Never before has their been such a wide audience, both culturally and tech savvy, the Millennial viewer, streaming on their mobile tech, when and where they want, they decide, to the standard viewer, pre booking, preparing, scheduling in the comfort of their living room on their 60 inch flat screen TV, the old way, either way, the audience is dictating both the content and how the content can be accessed and viewed like never before.

The reality is the event has catapulted Mixed Martial Arts into the norm, a platform has been presented in which to take what was slightly underground and urban into the everyday as opposed to boxing, a gentleman’s sport, not really changing through the decades, an accepted and understood sport, will a global audience and a McGregor win change Boxing as we know it? Perhaps, why not! Who knows? Either way, the promoters are generating the right content for their audience as the interest shows, the desire for new, innovative content, something new, change is fuelling this money making machine, regardless of the result, McGregor has with his guile and personality showcased what can be done when the audience engages.

The fight expects to have over a billion viewers, so large the media’s live stream for the event allowing for a global audience to experience it may bring the service to a standstill. Technology has changed and people are now viewing the MMA fights on mobile devices which enables them to watch where ever they are. This can be the ultimate division when it comes to any industry as you cannot predict the up rise and downfall of trends.

At AVC, we love the change; our audience is no different to that of Mayweather/McGregor, hungry for innovation, new ways, exciting content, our clients realise their own customers want exclusive, high quality, real time content about their products and services in return.  As Buggles sang ‘Video killed the Radio Star’ well, perhaps he could sing ‘on demand content killed the schedules’ doesn’t have the same ring, but you’ll understand the meaning!

Brand’s are now becoming media owners, broadcasters in their own rights by creating their own platforms, allowing their consumers to access content relative to their interests directly from the brands they love.  The audience is hungry for tailored content, giving them access to the sports, culture, education, knowledge via the brands they hold dearly, you could even argue a case for McGregor TV, given the global interest in the McGregor brand right now his audience is there all he needs to do is feed them the content.

Whatever the outcome on Saturday in Vegas one thing is for sure, the rule book on who can and can’t do what has been ripped up, the audience is in charge, we always have been but now the choice of what content you consume and when you consume it is in your hands. The days of scheduling are confined to history, the days of content on brand owned platforms are just the beginning of what in our view will become the norm.

The cynic might predict the money men will take over and manufacture a draw, given the hype would a rematch at Wembley make a few quid, you bet your bottom dollar it would!


Good luck boys!

AVC Immedia